Interview with Binita !

An interview with educated unemployed indian !



Happy New year 2018, to all my readers. If you are reading this post, it means you are awesome. The year 2017 was indeed great, in a way it made me feel better now. I am positive about 2018. So lets get started. 🌟 I have spent few years at a city, which was completely … Continue reading Flashback

Interview with Novemberchild.

Dear readers, today I am glad to meet and feature Novemberchild on my blog. She's a multitude of personality,witty, zealous and straight forward blogger. Hope you like this post. Please share your thoughts! Can you tell us something about you and your blog to our readers? Hello everyone. Thank you Masoom for giving me this … Continue reading Interview with Novemberchild.


Food Morning friends and follower. Its month of December, and cold is at its peak. This is post is written while I had Coffee and conversation with myself. Cheer up guys, Holiday season is round the corner and I can see the jingle bells been my ringtone, lately. I love Christmas, it reminds me two … Continue reading Holidays

Tide !

Did I found love, Is it for me, should I proceed ahead, Well, I found a girl, Beautiful and sweet, Not pompous not an eye candy, Maybe waiting for me, And I feel like kids. Did I fell in love or what, Or I don't know, what it is But I am certain, If I … Continue reading Tide !

December post !

Hello Dear readers, Hope you are all doing great in your life. First of all, apologies that I left #October writing contest due to lack of sleep and Time. The cover deals with the theme of the post. Have a look. Also November was not so smooth. In my view, I feel the time I … Continue reading December post !

O10 #OCtPoWriMo

Today's topic: Power and Control Our Mind, and its powers It dominates and Empower, Regardless of outage, That you become, not yourself How to control those ooze hold When power Takes control Relinquish thoughts and zones, Wild emotions and vivid thoughts...   The help we do, with all good deeds harbored in patience Limb history and … Continue reading O10 #OCtPoWriMo

O9 #OCtPoWriMo

Today's topic: Tapping into Your Creative Mind Protected by the mystery, Like we dont sad and intrigue Our existence a smoke ashes of our life... Whats holding you back, is also following tipping and tapping creative, Start confessing, In your Heart, tap your creativity !   Photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures This October will be long poetry challenge! #OctPoWriMo

O8 #OCtPoWriMo

Today's topic: What Do You Know and How do You Know it? What will you discover, If not ready to accept yourself Always try to find and look Someone else perception, But diving deep in self is hard DArk and Obnoxious, as we hate ourselves, As we have exploration, through other's eyes We miss our own … Continue reading O8 #OCtPoWriMo

This is #Rocktober

As a part of the Rock-October post,  I want to bring you three of my favorite Rock songs I like ! 1. Stairway To Heaven Artist: Led Zeppelin The lyrics has the charm, the prestige and the love for lyrics !   2. Numb Artist: Linkin Park The hard metal and the lyrics  is absolute passion for … Continue reading This is #Rocktober