November 2020

If you are reading this, I bet you're alive and awesome. Does your heart still beating ? Let's have a little tete a tete. It's been a long time I have written. It's been a while I have stopped by and thought to write it something. What happened to me? Why did I stopped writing … Continue reading November 2020

Hola 2020!

Soon, New Year is starting. It’s a great time to rethink and analyze new goals. And this is so not about to do, or what to wear or any fancy books people commit reading and write a review on. It’s so not about what brands to follow/promote, or what trend to follow, neither on a … Continue reading Hola 2020!


In calmness and quietness, I sit and think, Am i sinking or I am floating ahead, A week filled with all recaps, Billion wishes to reach moon, Should I read more, analyze less, due everything about meetings soon. What's happiness, is it "staying awake", Or walk with friends in Tea break. I haven't seen any … Continue reading So?

August 2019 Update

Hello friends, if you are reading this you are alive and awesome. As stated in the July post, I must say that August was breathtaking. Hope you all are doing well and chasing your dream. Let's start. The most awaited thing was the Chandrayaan-2 reaching to the moon. Its India's second venture to moon, now … Continue reading August 2019 Update

July 2019 #update

Good morning friends! If you are reading this, you are alive and awesome. This is an update to July 2019. The days have passed so fast. With each day, I feel like I am moving faster towards the conclusion. Unlike June, July has been little patchy and moderate. There were good things and there were … Continue reading July 2019 #update


Sometime its like a dream, or is it a nightmare, Far away, I watch myself awake, But doing things by time, I dare to ask myself, Am I feel happy inside? Things I've done, its earnest myself, Little crazy, little different, But I wish to explore more, Like following dreams, But it feels alright. I … Continue reading Purple


Is it so complicated? to join all act, and run , yet concatenated, missing fun, and overlooked, without a glory. A part of world, engulfed of making stories, But I ignore all of these, false grace, spreading insecurities, slapping status on face, all rant and still cant make it. All I roar about is my … Continue reading Habit

May June Update

Happy July to all. If you are reading this, You are awesome. Recently, I have realized that I forgot to post the May update. The May and June have been quite busy. The deadlines were reached, performed, packed and ported. I've been trying to understand the martian winds, they are in my analysis, and why … Continue reading May June Update

April 2019 #update

Hello blogging friends, If you are reading this, you are awesome! Last month was wonderful. The A to Z challenge was fun. I hit published button regularly and have seen my blog soaring. The content I kept was little off-bit, but this is how my system works. There will posts despite of my busy schedule. … Continue reading April 2019 #update

Z #AprilAtoZ

Hello ! Z Zero Zac Its the end, its hard to bid farewell but I want to leave. As little as steady as it gets, as close it gets. We need to find the balance, in the middle of the chaos. We will send old algorithm and make it demigod, to find highs and lows. … Continue reading Z #AprilAtoZ