D25 Home


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Far from the place and from this Balance,

I see Life in a scene,
They know my every do’s
A home with Our name on the dotted line,
Which always bothered me Dear,
I got no car, but we will walk.

Holding Hands and won’t look behind
You try to get us, you run real fast,
We also run and let dotty catch us haste,

A life full of Love and not a “quiet good life”
Where we exhaust soul reaching for fortune and fame
And frustrate the pressure setting , living just to win
And bleed all pain,  where you can never complain!

to be continued….

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D24 Dotty


 “Soon Her fame spread , which set you high”

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Traveled through boat cruise
And we were well aware
I am excited about the way,
that things could have been said,
She said that she don’t care
let live on sword’s edge

After few years, Someone called out my name,
Kissing my face and smiling with us, we grab
My joy had turned to plan,
I will be the papa, she the mommy,
A dotty to fill our live, where I’m living just to win,
And when I’m home in my pain,

She would say Play with me, dada,
It’s the love we need to have,

The world seems so beautiful, shine

And this is my Life, I live in.


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D23 Game


I Look to Heaven, holding your hand love,

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I see you as an angel of peace,
Love is Guardian angel that protects us,
We have traversed through all of our tears,
Not  to reach the gate and pushed away,
When the Holy name stands open wide,
Why the scene looks like we fall,
But they don’t know all will burns like a flame,
Any ground that I claim, they won’t substantiate.

So what is my life, without you and Love,
If I don’t believe, there is someone to do it,
Let us free from those, and
Take all my chances, and dare like He did,
To create a place where peace and Love reside,
Than that we’re searching for,
Under the shadows of war they are into,
Why I asked in your name?
Only A God knows, all in the game
It’s all for money aside,
To follow and get the gates,
And they’re all around playing the same,
And they claim, to Love you, and understand you
will they all know, we are not aloof,
Soon we’ll all know, Let’s See,
Let us play the game,

to be continued……

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D22 Name


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"Why in Your Holy Name"

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Life don’t dwell on dreams only,

Else forget to live…

So this what we do to life,
First we establish the belief, in mind and in heart,
And pretend for society as they watch us,
We follow and fulfill their dreams,
But outside we are Taken and Do opposite,
We chance, and radioed those who dare, to love us,
And what of our world ,hypocrite we become
When the damage is done, we all cry foul,
And you held out, you said no; but won’t stand up
Only God knows, all in the game of Money,
And It’s all in your Holy name,
To Carry everyone into the gates of,
They’re the same, It’s all in your  Holy name !

My heaven is You, Your Love,

These rules, These People won’t understand,

I love you and it’s a new dimension,

I created with you, and I will follow.
………….To be continued.

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D21 Claim


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And I thought “Why we get our Name ??”
Are we getting a mission;

Or is it the story slowly unfold,
The wise men have told you,

What is already known, but then,

A woman and a man,
Do they really go by the plan,
To fly and see how high dream can fly,

And then there comes one thing
A family of loving beings,
We can have our little children,
A life as seen by God above
And all the giving, not the taking
With hearts open wide
And it looks like we fall, we rise high
Though all burns like a flame,
Do you substantiate any ground that I claim

Life don’t dwell on dreams only…

Else forget to live…


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D20 Need


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This little heart of ours,

What it needs

A laughs for a moment

but then shifts to a serious

We are gonna bent the Universe.

A love can achieve,

Impossible and unreal the task seems,

To the infinity and Back..

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D19 Chance


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Why someone will come for Help,
And thus I said One more chance at love

Chance for searching space who is going to make me complete,
To demystify mysteries of my own self, He is my true flame; all the warmth of his love an Be my true flame, and give me all the warmth,
Your love and your endless love beckoning,

I love and I love its Joy, terrifying to be open and pure,

Like Earth behold the Lightning that strike in rain, You on Me.
No Hurt, No Bad, Let Life Be, and hard to breathe,
I feel #caffined Heart and cold like October,
Let Us see, Our Heart blooming canopy of comfort.

All we need is, the most sacred dream with you,

And love rising like the sun to embrace LIFE .
Let us Give a chance, for the hardship, and dreams. Of Life.
….. to be continued

Behold! I tell you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,
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D18 Time



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They will see it with their own eyes.

Let the love return from Paradise.

Uh huh, say  its alright
This is the Time we only have,
And Time wont stay by our side
Hold on I say,
Let the Shelter come and rescue us,
I acknowledge the coming storm,
She hold my hand and said,
Why someone will come for Help,
And thus I said One more chance at love

….. to be continued

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When Love returns, it raises voices and they will see it with their own eyes.

Continued from……

We believe it they ramble on exact things,
And talking about someone, whose deeds,
But then Let us weave our hands together,
Broaden the space, between us, as friends
Without worrying or false thinking, about telling or asking
even rule out the “why” and spelling out choices,
So let us Unite and think of being One,

Because when Love returns, it get voices.

So let them Think of them as being
As they couldn’t hear those voices. 
A heart’s voice only whispered face to face,
Which weaves the bolder space between  us,
So let them be guessing, asking and telling,

Why we let out our own choices ?
As if they were seeing, those voices,

but wont believe until they see those voices,

They will see it with their own eyes;

Let the love return from Paradise.

….. to be continued

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D16 Space


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The Spirit of God is the Spirit of love.

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What we want in our life,

What we make it.


Beloved, let us love one another,

because love is from God,

and everyone who loves is

born of God and knows God.

I write what we thought or might think about 
Because Life is real and its so hard.
People Moving flipping virtues, like mobile faces
What we wotnesss by the ear,
Our eyes cannot trace “what’s on people’s mind”?

So when you see me bad,
Please put space that hold us as friends
And in where we can talk being neutralise,
Not like we ignored, sweeping voices
Then we will sound face to face, hands unbound
Please put a the space, atleast weave that space

We believe it they ramble on exact things,
And talking about someone, whose deeds,

….. to be continued

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