Year in a nutshell.

Good evening friends if you are reading this you are alive and awesome. this is my last post about 2018 and I cannot be more thankful as it was the year like previous years for love, joy, excitement and hard lessons. Before we start into the subject I would like to introduce myself. My name … Continue reading Year in a nutshell.



હું છું મન, સાવ ચંચળ,ગમે ત્યારે પજવું, એકદમ રંપટ.વિચારો ની પોટલી લાવું,ઊંડું વિચારે એને ઉકેલ બતાવું.દર્પણ માફક સૌના વિચારશ્રેણી દર્શાવું,મને મૈલું રાખો, તો કર્મો એવા કરાવડાવું.સાચવો મને તો હું પણ તમને સાંચવું,છેડતી કરો, તો શેષનાગ જેવો વિકરાળ બનું.અહીં જ છું, તમારી સાથે, અનંત સુધી,તમને એકલો મૂકી ના શકું,યાદો સંગ્રહી,આંખો મીંચી જોવો,કોઈ ના નામ થી,કોઈ સંગીત … Continue reading મન

હવે !

પાનખર નથી, પણ તારા ઉર માં દુકાળ, નથી રત્તી ભર સ્નેહ, નથી માયા-લાગણી, જાણે આંખો માંથી વરસતી હોય પોકાર, દરિયા દિલ, "માસૂમ", શા માટે થયો પાષાણી. ના કોઈ આરઝૂ, ના કોઈ ઈબાદત, ના પ્રેમ ની હુંફ, ના કોઈ પતાવટ, ને બાંધ્યા બધા જીવન ના રમકડાં, હવે, આની જરૂર પડશે નહિ કે કેમ ? હવે નથી … Continue reading હવે !

Memories’18 edition

Good morning friends if you are reading this you are awesome and alive. I am writing this from far from my home and I so deeply feel that this is the correct time. Today I am writing this post for two reasons. The Question The situation The question was asked by a lady on Twitter, … Continue reading Memories’18 edition

Birthday 2018

Hello friends, This post is about my birthday. It has been long, I have written any updates. It's my blogversary, and my birthday as well. So, if you are reading this, you are awesome. Like previous year, this year celebration was of no difference. The rituals were performed along with the royal tea, the path, … Continue reading Birthday 2018

September 2018 update.

Good evening friends. If you are reading this article, you are alive and awesome. Never it had been so much of exertion before. also never before I was this much excitement for the work which I have done now. Last three months, including June July August, and now September also has gone so much professionally … Continue reading September 2018 update.

May Update 2018

I am plenty. Good evening friends and dear readers. If you are reading this, you are alive and awesome. This is the update of the May 2018. I had a planned May and it went all controlled. I am aware that I have less time for now on wards and writing is something that will … Continue reading May Update 2018

Is it so ?

Why it is so hard to be open and talk about anxiety or depression? Is it still a taboo or humans are a just a soul who want the things as it is? I feel like most of the people keep the broken life as it is, and often disconnect from mass. A resurgence and … Continue reading Is it so ?


Those voices of past, Have you ever heard, Crying for that deep, meaningful and daunty, some blurbs and flaunty, Alas, We move on to new pace, As if in life, we all race, Being fake is real, that smile we all wear. Jolts the way it passes by, your memory has a sweet marking, Aye. … Continue reading Vices