The Mother !

Dear Mother The Queen, The Crown, The Head of the Family and The Sun. Today, on the special occasion of #Mothersday, I would like to express few words for you. I am thankful to the Almighty to bestow Grace upon us. O, Mother, You installed etiquette & ethics in me, taught lessons and gave hard … Continue reading The Mother !

May !

Hello readers, If you are reading this, you are alive and Awesome. 📣 This is the post for the month of the april and May ahead. May has already started and it has blessed with a distance from many things. Bahubali released last month and I too saw it. In may I have several items … Continue reading May !


Trenchant having forcefulness and penetration in thought Many a times some event and words become trenchant, like a broken glass in the skin. We need to call it off, the more we think the more we regret. I have passed through this, the thought of work-life balance and the need for extra oomph and the … Continue reading Trenchant


Truculent defiantly aggressive THIS is the thing I want, You have to be truculent, said the karma. NO, this is not so happening, many of us are told that for success and the achievement, one has to be Truculent. I dont believe so, I dont follow this at all. Like the water flows, one need … Continue reading Truculent


Virulent producing venom Its a vibe that comes from few, not a regular storm of stew, words that go deeper in mind, turns clocks faster, thoughts on light, the aura becomes so dull, like weaving a venom, like a cocoon in abyss. Felt any day about this? Feel free to write your thoughts.


A25. I do want to know, what are you, where you have been? I just want the space, the place defined where it aint you or me, present, but still love grows, I had a dream, we met at 16 and you'll take me to the bright side of day, where, people sitting in park, … Continue reading A25 #NAPOWRIMO

A to Z theme reveal

Good morning Friends ! If you are reading this you are alive and awesome ! With this post I am announcing my theme for this year's A to Z April challenges ! A to Z is a full month blogging activity which reveals the ideas we weave around the April month. I'd the theme with … Continue reading A to Z theme reveal

If it rained ??

If it ever rained, will you be the cloud, to shower upon me, Like first rain of season, Like You stole my breaths, And to meet you I go extreme, Oh I still remember that scene, tears running down your cheeks, Your soul wanting me, love falling at HIS feet, When you have to leave, … Continue reading If it rained ??


This is a mystical construct. If you and I, not we, Be mirrors, reflecting each other, Will you be the essence of life, I call living content with, Will you ever be the words, And mean them I want to, Will the thoughts that binds, Appear if we are looking at mirror, Will the essence … Continue reading Reflec