Dear reader friends,

Greetings from Masoom, Currently, I am exploring the planetary atmospheres in Space science. I talk to machines via codes(scripts) in programming languages like Python, IDL and sometimes BSh Shellscripts(and Perl too). I love walking, reading, photography and listens lyrics of old songs. I love Food, Gujarat and Literature.

Welcome to My Universe.

My little brittle Universe.

My blog contains the words my heart whispers to me. I live in a world where little time is left to listen to inner whispers. I am here to share some of my life’s musings .

Life is a journey, a lot of twists and mysteries. Sometimes I have felt that those events can be understood by connecting the dots skillfully.  Life is forever evolving process, we just get better and better. So cheers to our precious life. Make it happening by celebrating every joy !

Celebrate Life.

 Thank you for reading my blog.

Masoom Jethwa