​The story of Fairs.  The passion of magic, The bundle of emotions, The crossing  of memories, The childhood toys, The Facebook WhatsApp tales, The growing up soon,  Versus growing fast, Those foods and cravings, Now health issue trolling, The way of formalities, Versus breaking the Jinx, From sound of speakers, To music in pods, Those … Continue reading F18


The first time in the month of Love, I had a fever,  But the mind.says.. The F16 speed is well known in fighter planes. I need that speed to be the best. When I was a kid, I used to read the article of defence and planes and helicopter and the I turned to science … Continue reading F16


What will you do? When unbearable pain occurs, Jaws closes and spine corrupts World spins around And, Words come back like solitude, I see a doctor and he cures, A temporary pain relief, In our life, we do the same, Doctor aren't real, so that feeling, We keep fighting till pain smoothly vanish. This poem … Continue reading Pain

I <3 my Blog

I take on the baton of Blog Love from Jaibala, and Today being a part of blogbuddy,  I am writing this post. The day which brings smile, joy and wealth of emotions. The day where everything is celebrated and being in such a team is overwhelming. I remember bad things that happened in the team, … Continue reading I ❤ my Blog

Dear Lapy

I am thankful to you for being with me for such a long time. The world would have been unimaginable if you were not just there. Today I just want to say I really love you and your companionship. The joy is collateral. How to start! Uff, it's tough but, I remember that it was … Continue reading Dear Lapy

सूखे पत्ते 

​मेरी कहानी सूखे पत्तों सी हो, जिश्मे हर रंग गहरा दोस्ती का हो, भले एक दिन गिर जाऊ में पेड़ से, तुमसे मिलने का आनंद अनंत हो। हर मौसम में मिले प्यार, दो लफ्जो का मोहताज न हो । बातो का पिटारा जो ख़त्म न हो, ये इत्तफाक ही सही, जीने का बहाना हो । … Continue reading सूखे पत्ते 

February Post

The monthly round-up post ! Dear lovely reader, If you are reading this, trust me You are awesome. The January has ended. For few around us, its a month only. But as a 2017 startup, it has a brought a huge difference in me. The bouy in me started spinning and whirling words. I means … Continue reading February Post


In moments of despair? I may not see the Far-side, If you still hold my hand, walking with you may not be my trait, come to me please and fast so that we can we talk slow, To start a conversation, just with me? Will you be me serendipity? Will you trust me ? I am … Continue reading FarSide


Thoughts as Colors, Vibrant yet layers, In the bait of light, appear out of sight, There's light at the  End of tunnel, Will you start and, Reach there ??  Or simply turn around??  There is a moment we all were struggling inside with these multitudes of Colors. Those are longings. Those are the baits we … Continue reading Light