Truculent defiantly aggressive THIS is the thing I want, You have to be truculent, said the karma. NO, this is not so happening, many of us are told that for success and the achievement, one has to be Truculent. I dont believe so, I dont follow this at all. Like the water flows, one need … Continue reading Truculent


Virulent producing venom Its a vibe that comes from few, not a regular storm of stew, words that go deeper in mind, turns clocks faster, thoughts on light, the aura becomes so dull, like weaving a venom, like a cocoon in abyss. Felt any day about this? Feel free to write your thoughts.

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Name: Masoom Jethwa Blog Title: My Little Brittle Universe Theme: GRAINVERSE Zumangi Yeti Xray Wait Viola Utopia Tis Seeker Rose Queue Peace Option Neo Mist Love Kvetch Juxtapose Ink Honour Grue Farouche Emerge Distribution Clouds Background About THEME Thank you all for sharing and likes and commenting. See  you guys next year. Till next time, … Continue reading All posts #AtoZChallenge

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Z Zumangi The point was reached, the speed was increasing, the spread was decreasing in opposite direction. The darkness overpower all. The matter was put on checking, everything fuse, the light trapped, the connect was stopped. The destruction was nearly complete. The flower became the bud itself, the lamps glowing or dark, was shrink in the … Continue reading Z #AtoZchallenge

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Y The day doomed, Yeti was on rise, Yeti was the opposite of bang that imploded The Grain. the x-ray left the living dead. The system collapsed, The one,  mankind was so profound of. The system got obliterated. The Earth stood still,  The wind go still, The dust once again rose, cracking the portion, the … Continue reading Y #AtoZchallenge

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A30. Today, Again the sun rises, the challenges redefines, A poet brushes his words, like rising and setting of the Sun, Every Single year, May comes, returning my glory, blooming days, the season and reason to love, Its my heart, who haven't been same, Every single year, it changes, yet the same. Linking to Day … Continue reading A30. #NaPoWriMO

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U To the Uranium metal. Long back when the mankind was in the advancement of science and chemistry, a couple discovered the a metal called Uranium. The mankind used it evrywhere on earth and made it dust again. Some of the hardest surviving creature remained alive. Half dead, Half born. The radiation was wide spread. … Continue reading U #AtoZchallenge

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X Xray.   The sun in nearby galaxy exploded some million years back in time, Their burst in Xray fall on earth. The seeker died, So died the will to Live. The dust remained with the dust and once again all was over. The xray kiled all, After Uranification, this was the second time the … Continue reading X #AtoZchallenge

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W Wait. The wait was over, the dust was collected. The ET decided to leave. The and was dead. They found the dead ant and took with them. AS they started to leave, they encountered another outer species, which came to dust. The cosmic dust. The battle went on, They truce after so many time … Continue reading W #AtoZchallenge