U #AtoZchallenge

U To the Uranium metal. Long back when the mankind was in the advancement of science and chemistry, a couple discovered the a metal called Uranium. The mankind used it evrywhere on earth and made it dust again. Some of the hardest surviving creature remained alive. Half dead, Half born. The radiation was wide spread. … Continue reading U #AtoZchallenge

X #AtoZchallenge

X Xray.   The sun in nearby galaxy exploded some million years back in time, Their burst in Xray fall on earth. The seeker died, So died the will to Live. The dust remained with the dust and once again all was over. The xray kiled all, After Uranification, this was the second time the … Continue reading X #AtoZchallenge

W #AtoZchallenge

W Wait. The wait was over, the dust was collected. The ET decided to leave. The and was dead. They found the dead ant and took with them. AS they started to leave, they encountered another outer species, which came to dust. The cosmic dust. The battle went on, They truce after so many time … Continue reading W #AtoZchallenge

V #AtoZchallenge

V Viola As they came near the ground zero, they listened to a charismatic sound. The viola. The viola was the scream of a half-dead person. Th rat went first and got eaten by the apocalyptic creature. The ant cried. The friend lost. The ant remained in the shock of rat. He decided to do … Continue reading V #AtoZchallenge

T #AtoZchallenge

T Tis. Tis was the beginning, The life started collapsing, the calm seas roared as it roared billions of year ago, the land shook, the volcano erupted, The mankind was frightened. They now got the message of love and harmony, But they were late, As Tis was the beginning ! If I love myself I … Continue reading T #AtoZchallenge

S #AtoZchallenge

S Seeker. Wild in the west, there lived a Sufi, who was stated many things. The Sufi was bullied by the modern world at his time. He was awakened. Wide and strong. Before he passed, he left his words and told his coworker to seek out in world. He was ahead of time. He envisioned … Continue reading S #AtoZchallenge


A29. In faded light, you touched my soul, you are my month of May, If I ask you, stop time and STAY. I know you, we can be friends, I can give thousand, reasons to stay, but all have to do, is to make the clock, stop ticking, never will be less, we will enjoy, … Continue reading A29 #NAPOWRIMO


A28. Finding Cure? What we need, Tell me yess, I wanna give, my everything, to explore love, no matter, what you know I'll heal, and Cure ! Let me take care, will be your lullaby, tell me yess, I can give, dont back now, If you say, its all okay, I promise, I'll fix you, … Continue reading A28 #NAPOWRIMO


A27. Some memories evoked by smell, like a game of Achilles hill, leave me on the verge, crossing and fighting with crave, now I dont know how to set me free, we can always my love and taste is not a game, dont play bait, dont throw tricks what if I treat you the same … Continue reading A27 #NAPOWRIMO


A26.   You nerve me, may be i should stop confessing, I have my ambitions, let me take my decision, Dont hold me back, she says she's not afraid, when I talk about relations, she seems little threatened, may be i should stop confessing, Her voice keep shaking, worried of societal reputation, leave me guessing, … Continue reading A26 #NAPOWRIMO