Books #MyFriendALexa

Those Books with witty words, Those books which raises our conscience Those books who makes us curious, Why we need such books and words, If we gonna follow, what others had, Those books with wild imaginations, Those books with smear humor, Those books with insane bravery, and the scenes narrated so weird, Why we read … Continue reading Books #MyFriendALexa



  Hello readers, Gentle reminder: If you are reading this, You are alive and awesome! This is a post to outline the July, a gentle reminder to self, what to achieve and what is done yet. The main aim of the month #July is that it has a lot of workload. A mammoth of work. … Continue reading July

May !

Hello readers, If you are reading this, you are alive and Awesome. 📣 This is the post for the month of the april and May ahead. May has already started and it has blessed with a distance from many things. Bahubali released last month and I too saw it. In may I have several items … Continue reading May !


Trenchant having forcefulness and penetration in thought Many a times some event and words become trenchant, like a broken glass in the skin. We need to call it off, the more we think the more we regret. I have passed through this, the thought of work-life balance and the need for extra oomph and the … Continue reading Trenchant


A11. Line by line, I tore my life, written ink with stains, blotted my life in pain, the sound that comes from society rebels my mind so mighty, I thought to pull the trigger to kill, But I have a will to live. I will part it away, those people who storm blasphemy and gasped … Continue reading A11 #NAPOWRIMO

A4 #NaPoWriMo

A4. Enigma. Wind me up, and slow down, Don't hide, are you hiding? Ain't I'm invited? I wanna know ! I let you know, just alone and be you, I want to ticket to life, I will let you know ! Calls Closer myself, But I still wanna know, Life's a soldier, I wanna try … Continue reading A4 #NaPoWriMo

A1 #NaPoWriMo

A1. Dreaming a while, In a minute, Like flash of decade, Asking for a rain, Asking for a minute, Want to confess all, to cease a stare of yours, Crossing the room, To be honest and one more time, and sieze the moment, One last time, we make love, But ceiling blows up, A fire … Continue reading A1 #NaPoWriMo

If it rained ??

If it ever rained, will you be the cloud, to shower upon me, Like first rain of season, Like You stole my breaths, And to meet you I go extreme, Oh I still remember that scene, tears running down your cheeks, Your soul wanting me, love falling at HIS feet, When you have to leave, … Continue reading If it rained ??

March #ahead

In the month of January and February, the words went up. The consumption of the words are done. The light has arrived and the phoenix is on the rise. The words that will bloom and soon their meaning will be revealed and this will be accompanied with some solid action. More Love and Light in … Continue reading March #ahead