Trenchant having forcefulness and penetration in thought Many a times some event and words become trenchant, like a broken glass in the skin. We need to call it off, the more we think the more we regret. I have passed through this, the thought of work-life balance and the need for extra oomph and the … Continue reading Trenchant


N #AtoZChallenge

N The age of Neo came into existence. Tools were made and the discoveries were made. The mankind was now more divided. The mankind named everything for simplicity. The Mankind made weapons to conquer, hunt and stay safe. With daily knowledge mankind became more and more conscious and started feeling powerful. The mankind explored everything. … Continue reading N #AtoZChallenge

I #AtoZchallenge

I Be in the same game with other, just at different levels. Insidious. The energy played the master stroke. The mass and the matter were divided, depend on the how much energy they can hold and THIS changed the changed. The matter was split and so their new characteristics! The  stars were formed and so … Continue reading I #AtoZchallenge


DCT 4 That day with a treasure called book He walked away. He smiled because He had the power of words with him, He was in Joy because he know that even the wizards are afraid of words, and thus a proficiency can help him reach to a place where, He can lead his Life; … Continue reading DCT 4