September 2018 update.

Good evening friends. If you are reading this article, you are alive and awesome. Never it had been so much of exertion before. also never before I was this much excitement for the work which I have done now. Last three months, including June July August, and now September also has gone so much professionally … Continue reading September 2018 update.


This is #Rocktober

As a part of the Rock-October post,  I want to bring you three of my favorite Rock songs I like ! 1. Stairway To Heaven Artist: Led Zeppelin The lyrics has the charm, the prestige and the love for lyrics !   2. Numb Artist: Linkin Park The hard metal and the lyrics  is absolute passion for … Continue reading This is #Rocktober

O5 #OCtPoWriMo

Day 5 Delight and Discover I find my Epiphany To Grow and Learn Mature into Nature, To know thin line between Satisfaction and Triumph So i could Transform my Vision And that joy of life, when shared with friends, A page of my life turns and New comes TO write another stream, To express what … Continue reading O5 #OCtPoWriMo