O8 #OCtPoWriMo

Today's topic: What Do You Know and How do You Know it? What will you discover, If not ready to accept yourself Always try to find and look Someone else perception, But diving deep in self is hard DArk and Obnoxious, as we hate ourselves, As we have exploration, through other's eyes We miss our own … Continue reading O8 #OCtPoWriMo


Y #AtoZchallenge

Y The day doomed, Yeti was on rise, Yeti was the opposite of bang that imploded The Grain. the x-ray left the living dead. The system collapsed, The one,  mankind was so profound of. The system got obliterated. The Earth stood still,  The wind go still, The dust once again rose, cracking the portion, the … Continue reading Y #AtoZchallenge

About #AtoZchallenge

About, This is the post “About ” the Grainverse. Grainverse is a story about a grain. There was nothing here. And Nothing means nothing. There was emptiness and dark all around. It seemed that nothing. No time, No space, No movement. Just grain. Nothingness was prevailing. But there was nothing to note what is actually … Continue reading About #AtoZchallenge


Day-11   Amidst the winter coming, I have made love to a flame trying to unwrap me. whose silky thoughts move into me like sickened air; Devil’s fog wraps its hands around my heart and Begs me to lose myself in its madness. I feel tangled myself like a trap in the dark, Swallowing dementing shadows, … Continue reading DAY 11 #HALFMARATHON #DAILYCHATTER