T #AprilAtoZ

Hello ! T Troy   This is a story of troy. Remember that storm,looking for long grass in summer, And tell yourself, that every restless night, back when you thought that everything is going right. But what if we could possibly tell that we'll return from fires of learning and and not being another Troy. … Continue reading T #AprilAtoZ

K #AprilAtoZ

Hello friends ! K Kaleidoscope Kilobyte Knight This post is about the kaleidoscope of the thoughts. We arrive at certain decision in life after giving much thought and thinking about the parameters that affects us. The kaleidoscopic thought process is a method to reflect the same thoughts and bump into a new conclusion altogether. Some … Continue reading K #AprilAtoZ

I #AprilAtoZ

Hello friends ! I Initiative Interesting Ideas Ideas bring initiations. Ideas that matters. Ideas are something we are often told not to share. Ideas are something very personal. Ideas should routines, like things that we should terra-form regularly. For me, ideas are like band and chill out, and then, just before I work, I always … Continue reading I #AprilAtoZ

H #AprilAtoZ

Hello friends ! H Havoc Hammering Hailstorm or Harvesting  Hard-work This is a post on the destruction of false towers we make out of ourselves in order to maintain "a temporary" form. Nearly everyone in life faces this havoc where it seems that everything is gone. Life becomes dull and we often tend to remain … Continue reading H #AprilAtoZ

E #AprilAtoZ

Hello friends ! E Escape Escaping Inevitable In this world, we come across so many enchantments classified in goodness, passion and ignorance. This materialist approach influences a lot of people around us. Some are blinded by this. We should possess this thing, that thing, one thing I wish to always posses yet we still feel … Continue reading E #AprilAtoZ

D #AprilAtoZ

Hello friends ! D Drum Ding-Dong of disturbance This post is about the drum. The drum produces the bang sound when strike. In our day- to-day life, we see many such sounds around us. In the whole pack of the alluring sounds, many of them are just "unwanted noise". This unwanted noise always detours us … Continue reading D #AprilAtoZ

C #AprilAtoZ

Hello friends ! C Clarity Conch of clarity or chaos of confusion. 🙂 Often we often overlook clarity in our day-to-day life. What is clarity? Why does it matter? And if you have it, how do you express it? The answer lies in your thought process. The basic functionality which creates a structure seeks a … Continue reading C #AprilAtoZ

B #AprilAtoZ

Hello friends ! B Burdensome Bells This post talks about the burden we carry on ourselves from various things. Things often bother us, which is not ours, not said by us and not even worth pondering over. If this is not all, the burden of past scares us a lot. The past winded up tight … Continue reading B #AprilAtoZ