M #AtoZchallenge


S #AtoZchallenge

S Seeker. Wild in the west, there lived a Sufi, who was stated many things. The Sufi was bullied by the modern world at his time. He was awakened. Wide and strong. Before he passed, he left his words and told his coworker to seek out in world. He was ahead of time. He envisioned … Continue reading S #AtoZchallenge

Q #AtoZChallenge

Q Queue. The tiny  full of small dancing particles were the other galaxy which were once Earth like. The song were designed to reach somewhere the outer space. In 100 years it reached there. The extra-terrestrial were surprised to listen it. They started to dissect the electron. Soon they decoded the humans and the mankind. They … Continue reading Q #AtoZChallenge

P #AtoZChallenge

P The Peace was parched. The grain-verse was disturbed. The parched silence was relocated. The mind games was started. So the imaginative minds came forward. They were the people who wanted the peace. The tools were gathered. The mankind started to decide  its own future, The gas in the air was so more destroying. The … Continue reading P #AtoZChallenge

O #AtoZchallenge

O The Neo-world was the progressive, the mankind was fighting for fighting supremacy and it kept for few thousand years. The Neo-World brought many revolution. The quantity and the  capacity were decided. The live doesn't matter, the feelings didn't matter, but there was few stories which needed the special mention. The counting of year was … Continue reading O #AtoZchallenge

N #AtoZChallenge

N The age of Neo came into existence. Tools were made and the discoveries were made. The mankind was now more divided. The mankind named everything for simplicity. The Mankind made weapons to conquer, hunt and stay safe. With daily knowledge mankind became more and more conscious and started feeling powerful. The mankind explored everything. … Continue reading N #AtoZChallenge

M #AtoZchallenge

M Mist. One in a million times, stream rock all of sudden came and hit the planets. Some deformed some reshaped. It was a terrible day and the GRAINVERSE around the Sun was under holocaust. The Sun was only helped to drag more and more rocks on the planets. The collision course led to the … Continue reading M #AtoZchallenge