Z #AprilAtoZ

Hello ! Z Zero Zac Its the end, its hard to bid farewell but I want to leave. As little as steady as it gets, as close it gets. We need to find the balance, in the middle of the chaos. We will send old algorithm and make it demigod, to find highs and lows. … Continue reading Z #AprilAtoZ

W #AprilAtoZ

Hello ! W Wheel The wheel of conditions, the rocky iteration and we spin it in algorithm like a chariot whee, and feel the wind over the data rain.ย The wheel spins through the data, the analysis is performed. The filter is on and we get the output. As mentioned in the earlier post this is … Continue reading W #AprilAtoZ

X #AprilAtoZ

Hello ! X Xenic Tell the people, tell that Xenic has arrived. There's no need to multiply terms. Show your results and show how the data was sliced to the people, because its the AI that rejoice.Show how the the code read the headers, show them how the matrix was generated, show them why you … Continue reading X #AprilAtoZ

V #AprilAtoZ

Hello ! V Vessel   This is the story of the vessel.ย  The bare data barrel where the numbers are packed and treated into analysis. So when we start data analysis, we keep a vessel for test run, then pack it for loop to run serially. That $VAR screams, when the moment of doom arrives, … Continue reading V #AprilAtoZ

S #AprilAtoZ

Hello ! S Swan A white lie Why, because speaking lie upfront makes us scare.Even if our lips open to speak the truth, the mind denies in the dawn of being judged. What is the point in watching it all burn but not telling a white lie. So i present you a SWAN today. In … Continue reading S #AprilAtoZ

Q #AprilAtoZ

Hello ! Q Queen The Queen The monarch-The leader and the head of the affairs. In algorithms, the rational and logic plays the role of the Queen. Rest just obeys the order. The essential part is the implementation of the logic. We often seems to be correct inside our head, but its does not attain … Continue reading Q #AprilAtoZ

J #AprilAtoZ

Hello friends ! J Jam Jealous Jelly or Jumping Jackpot We are all jam of one or the other kind. Ain't we are packed tightly in our own head-space. Some of us want to think in particular direction, some in other. But I see most of the people are strictly confined with their POV. We … Continue reading J #AprilAtoZ

G #AprilAtoZ

Hello friends ! G GOALS Guest Goliath or Ghastly Gorgeous Have you ever noticed that you are on a path and trying to accomplish your target aka GOAL. A practice which makes you more happy and feel content! No, it's not about small goals or your list of things you want to do in your … Continue reading G #AprilAtoZ