R #AprilAtoZ

Hello ! R Roots Roots. The symbolic name for the place upon which you grew. So what about the people without it, do they get stones, and hide themselves to save the trouble. Is it just the belief that another day will come and new things will be achieved, highs and low? Some people lose … Continue reading R #AprilAtoZ

M #AprilAtoZ

Hello friends ! M Mountains Motivational Monday Mountains are often subjected as hurdles and blockage between us and our goals. But I feel mountains are the opportunities. Often trekking is considered as fun, but then when its come to solve our problem, why do we feel not to take it as fun. We should climb … Continue reading M #AprilAtoZ

L #AprilAtoZ

Hello friends ! L Lotus Love Loss or Lucky Love So this post is about "Lotus". Lotus is a symbolic trinity of synergy, perseverance and sticking to the roots, yet being so beautiful. This combination is rarely found and I have met few pf them in my life. A same analogy can be applied to … Continue reading L #AprilAtoZ

K #AprilAtoZ

Hello friends ! K Kaleidoscope Kilobyte Knight This post is about the kaleidoscope of the thoughts. We arrive at certain decision in life after giving much thought and thinking about the parameters that affects us. The kaleidoscopic thought process is a method to reflect the same thoughts and bump into a new conclusion altogether. Some … Continue reading K #AprilAtoZ

J #AprilAtoZ

Hello friends ! J Jam Jealous Jelly or Jumping Jackpot We are all jam of one or the other kind. Ain't we are packed tightly in our own head-space. Some of us want to think in particular direction, some in other. But I see most of the people are strictly confined with their POV. We … Continue reading J #AprilAtoZ

I #AprilAtoZ

Hello friends ! I Initiative Interesting Ideas Ideas bring initiations. Ideas that matters. Ideas are something we are often told not to share. Ideas are something very personal. Ideas should routines, like things that we should terra-form regularly. For me, ideas are like band and chill out, and then, just before I work, I always … Continue reading I #AprilAtoZ

H #AprilAtoZ

Hello friends ! H Havoc Hammering Hailstorm or Harvesting¬† Hard-work This is a post on the destruction of false towers we make out of ourselves in order to maintain "a temporary" form. Nearly everyone in life faces this havoc where it seems that everything is gone. Life becomes dull and we often tend to remain … Continue reading H #AprilAtoZ

G #AprilAtoZ

Hello friends ! G GOALS Guest Goliath or Ghastly Gorgeous Have you ever noticed that you are on a path and trying to accomplish your target aka GOAL. A practice which makes you more happy and feel content! No, it's not about small goals or your list of things you want to do in your … Continue reading G #AprilAtoZ

F #AprilAtoZ

Hello friends ! F Feather Feel Free and Fall often We humans have incredible power of thinking. In this rational world, we are often curious, introspective and analytical. We like to roll ideas and project our ideas based in "things" that make sense to us. Then we dive deep into it and think on and … Continue reading F #AprilAtoZ

E #AprilAtoZ

Hello friends ! E Escape Escaping Inevitable In this world, we come across so many enchantments classified in goodness, passion and ignorance. This materialist approach influences a lot of people around us. Some are blinded by this. We should possess this thing, that thing, one thing I wish to always posses yet we still feel … Continue reading E #AprilAtoZ