M #AtoZchallenge

M Mist. One in a million times, stream rock all of sudden came and hit the planets. Some deformed some reshaped. It was a terrible day and the GRAINVERSE around the Sun was under holocaust. The Sun was only helped to drag more and more rocks on the planets. The collision course led to the … Continue reading M #AtoZchallenge

L #AtoZchallenge

L Love The kvetch didnโ€™t lasted longer. The elements mixed. The rocks collided the grain underwent many changes. In them the mixing was the one prominent one. The sharp became blunt and the blunt became sharp. The soft rock became harder and the harder became soft. The planets were rotating around the young Sun. The … Continue reading L #AtoZchallenge

a12. #NaPoWriMo

A12. This is a repetition of work, the beats go on, the tapping song, the claps in the air, baby lets go fair, far from the crown, sinking people with shallow loud, the place, far from judgement, where we intent to sin on vacation. Where the lines can be crossed between us, it you, me … Continue reading a12. #NaPoWriMo

A9 #NaPoWrimo

A9. A nine line poem, siting mind like a rolling, had a cup of tea, evening snacks, what a Sunday that spent so well, brought family together, lined up all in Queen's presence, to meet her and Greet her, and pray for her well being, to wish, May Long Live The Queen.ย  ย