Day-15 Its the most late entry of my whole Half marathon journey. The reason is simple, i don't want to conclude it so early. But we all have to bow down to the time. What a 15 day posts happened. Just like that. SO in final post in this series I would like to say … Continue reading DAY 15 #HALFMARATHON #DAILYCHATTER



Day-14 It was war. War means loss. Loss in terms of blood, soldiers, dear ones, and sometimes feelings. War means loss. The Sun was about to set. The war wasn't. Kayo was sitting on a rock watching the devastation and bloodshed on the battlefield. He was the General and Leading the army. But he was silent … Continue reading DAY 14 #HALFMARATHON #DAILYCHATTER


Day-13 And nothing but seeds that awaits your visit, I bear all pain which never finishes. .................... continued Cloud replied, "I've become a beggar, pleading that pain to release me, Each drop that falls is a silent prayer, To reconcile the pain that’s within me I wander alone in world that’s full of loss, hanged … Continue reading DAY 13 #HALFMARATHON #DAILYCHATTER


Day-12 A war broke out and strangled between Cloud and earth, so heavenly meet, To leave love for dark; sky stood with clouds to be a friend of sadness, light fell for Earth. Against living tenderly or slowly killing Each drop that falls, shows laments of clouds, Those sharp edges against Earth’s soft heart— While … Continue reading DAY 12 #HALFMARATHON #DAILYCHATTER


Day-11   Amidst the winter coming, I have made love to a flame trying to unwrap me. whose silky thoughts move into me like sickened air; Devil’s fog wraps its hands around my heart and Begs me to lose myself in its madness. I feel tangled myself like a trap in the dark, Swallowing dementing shadows, … Continue reading DAY 11 #HALFMARATHON #DAILYCHATTER


Day-10 I finished my daily reading and note making of subjects taught to me today. First mathematics, than Physics and lastly Chemistry. Everything was good, until 12:31 am, when my cellphone rang. The call was from Zara's mom crying and speaking, in a devastating way. What I listened was more devastating. My friend Zara had a blood vomit and … Continue reading DAY 10 #HALFMARATHON #DAILYCHATTER


Day-9 ....... Continued Putting his heart in unforgiving hands; so I Sent him to place, one doesn’t come back from.   Love was the god that broke me bad, Should I cry out ache or grudge it sad. I felt my heart pulled from my chest,  and beaten until it shut downs.  For all those … Continue reading DAY 9 #HALFMARATHON #DAILYCHATTER


Day-8 When All you’ve ever known seems a life touched by loneliness; Have you ever crushed your love with own hands ? Have You cut your lover and leave him gasping, To get rid of his lasso permitting,But I did, I begged to stop poisoning with the words of someone, who isn’t around to understand … Continue reading DAY 8 #HALFMARATHON #DAILYCHATTER


Day-7 From my life I have come across that the success is not overnight. It’s like a mine craft; we need to pay attention to it on regular basis. I am writing few excerpts from my real life experiences that helped in  One or the way. These values are gateways to success in my humble … Continue reading DAY 7 #HALFMARATHON #DAILYCHATTER


Day-6 Instant Apps Applications are called “emotional motivators.” Some apps gives you “feel a sense of belonging” and “feel a sense of freedom.” Apps are the new place of expressing Empathy, Affection, Amusement,Excitement,Envy,Hope,Inspiration,Confusion,Empowerment and Trust !  Our emotions governs the usage of apps. This a latest happening thing in the world of Android OS. Yes that little green colored robot,(most … Continue reading DAY 6 #HALFMARATHON #DAILYCHATTER