I <3 my Blog

I take on the baton of Blog Love from Jaibala, and Today being a part of blogbuddy,  I am writing this post. The day which brings smile, joy and wealth of emotions. The day where everything is celebrated and being in such a team is overwhelming. I remember bad things that happened in the team, … Continue reading I ❤ my Blog



Once upon a time you were darkness, but now you are light, so walk as children of light. We all have just one opportunity, one life, Come out and conquer everything we ever want, What we have to do Seize it or let it slip? Sweaty forehead and weak legs, our minds so heavy, Filled … Continue reading Stamp

Gala Dinner !

#BlogBuddy #post2 The official blogbuddy 3.0 is announced. We are all geared up to fire up each other, and will be going live from Tuesday 1st of November. This means that November will be a kick ass month in terms of blogging. I am in team #TheMagicalPot . In our team we are 8 people … Continue reading Gala Dinner !