Me @ #WindowSeat #WOW

Windows of types, looking for personalities, Having Secret Window, Facing Windows, Open Windows Sometimes lighting the cigarettes out of Bedroom Window While shadow of self, pour on the Window I felt like "100-Year-Old Man" who never saw Window Met money in life, which is disappeared now... 24 Hour meeting People, whose holding me back, so I decided … Continue reading Me @ #WindowSeat #WOW


D21 Claim

D21 Pls visit the previous post…. D2    D3    D4    D5   D6     D7      D8    D9   D10    D11    D12    D13    D14    D15     D16    D17   D18  D19   D20 And I thought "Why we get our Name ??" Are we getting a mission; Or is it the story slowly unfold, The wise men have told … Continue reading D21 Claim

Pumpkin : A Story yet unwritten.

An unwritten story. This file has been in my draft long back. Knock knock. The door opens. A beautiful lady in mid twenties opens it. She had an Occult smile with curvacious appearance. The lightning occurrs. A man completely drenched in water comes inside. They share a stare and smiled at each other. Soon they … Continue reading Pumpkin : A Story yet unwritten.

PenT You!

It was 00:00 hrs on my digital watch. I thought Monday is over. Tuesday has came. Suddenly a ping appeared on my mail. What's that I said ? I opened the mail and read it. It was a tangy spicy stupendous mail. The mail had a solution which I was trying to solve from last … Continue reading PenT You!

Advice 2.0

​2.0 What do you want to be when you grow up ? In previous post, I shared one of my mentor whose advice helped me in making my dream come true. With this post, I am sharing another mentor who used to taught us Mathematics along with philosophy of Life. We used to call him Babaji in … Continue reading Advice 2.0

Advice 1.0

1.0 What do you want to be when you grow up ? This question met us every time we met someone who really cared about us. And secondly with them who wanted to tease us for what we are. Mirrors as they were in our life. I took all that with an understanding that with … Continue reading Advice 1.0