Lord of the Files

Lord of the Files The formula to remain in pride those gone gangs tusk and wicked blood marvelous when I leave predestination of appraisal like a vigilante on a honeymoon the legend never-beast although mostly ghostly have you been in rat race? I've been blended barefoot, into the canal full of monsters, in a dark … Continue reading Lord of the Files

War and Pieces

War and Pieces A fine morning, How does it feels? like watch world on an extreme exorcism soldiers posted at beacon point breaking bodies,what have we became, And for the sufferings, the long excuse, we relive words play the shadow and torch it, bouncing back with complete stealth with a survival knife, summoning and planning; … Continue reading War and Pieces

Of Ice and Men

  Men are bonded by blood like the enchanted stallion laughs at oasis , made of whisky full-on, living like legend of the sword never whispers, about evil deeds never play cold zone, they say, he's men with balls He's the wrestler for rights, her dotty's wizz, cries at the last word always in light, … Continue reading Of Ice and Men

Life of Pie

  Life of Pie Like a love a bundle an aurora, full of tea garden and its mystery around a pie of lucid dreaming Where the money floats in a stork's journey a world without all medicines no drowning no patients none be afraid of love or deprived long strange trip and those people who … Continue reading Life of Pie

The Fault in our Stares

A party legend, and fault in our stares living a Sub-life with below zero dudes, full of broods, raised bruise and hell lot of abuse, in unloving island where states of undressed sparks the mentality in a school of tease people made hobbits, switchers, and parts unknown where same gender slams others but fear the … Continue reading The Fault in our Stares

Tiny Shoe !

Prompt #5 Tiny shoes I asked Almighty, to get me tiny shoes; Shoe that rule, make me invincible, He replied "I think I have too many shoes; Let me think which one fits you !" I thought He has too many shoes ! shoe having power of three hundred feet, Some shoe for the style runs and he's deciding … Continue reading Tiny Shoe !

Caught red handed !

Prompt #4 Caught red-handed   How can you grant access someone to your life, You are mine and I owe you my life, I'm not living to see you making love with someone else , hate myself after saw you doing on the sofa, How can you allow her to our bed and pillow, She … Continue reading Caught red handed !

Fragile !

Prompt #3 Fragile lives Short of time, chasing lives and dreams, Dying everyday, still prepared to fight; Easily hurt to any thing, we're soft as cream, Love takes toll, devastating heart and eyesight. Its hard to take up broken pieces of heart, Cannot trust or barr everybody from our word ! Feared with rejection, cant … Continue reading Fragile !