Tiny Shoe !

Prompt #5 Tiny shoes I asked Almighty, to get me tiny shoes; Shoe that rule, make me invincible, He replied "I think I have too many shoes; Let me think which one fits you !" I thought He has too many shoes ! shoe having power of three hundred feet, Some shoe for the style runs and he's deciding … Continue reading Tiny Shoe !

Caught red handed !

Prompt #4 Caught red-handed   How can you grant access someone to your life, You are mine and I owe you my life, I'm not living to see you making love with someone else , hate myself after saw you doing on the sofa, How can you allow her to our bed and pillow, She … Continue reading Caught red handed !

Fragile !

Prompt #3 Fragile lives Short of time, chasing lives and dreams, Dying everyday, still prepared to fight; Easily hurt to any thing, we're soft as cream, Love takes toll, devastating heart and eyesight. Its hard to take up broken pieces of heart, Cannot trust or barr everybody from our word ! Feared with rejection, cant … Continue reading Fragile !

What you don’t know

Prompt #2 What you don’t know There's a stranger sailing over my heart, But she'll never find me and get along, because the angel know my face and will read this dying song. Until she proves her love saying "Can you feel it Or can't you see ?" I'd be glad to hear if she … Continue reading What you don’t know

Stranger than fiction !

Prompt #1 Stranger than fiction !  I crave those heaviness in crazy love.  Wide opened windows yet inescapable love.   Here, I talk with my heart quietly,  I carry it every day, like compass; My smiling face going pale slightly, And me becoming beggar of happiness. At times I sit in abandoned castle and sing … Continue reading Stranger than fiction !