I <3 my Blog

I take on the baton of Blog Love from Jaibala, and Today being a part of blogbuddy,  I am writing this post. The day which brings smile, joy and wealth of emotions. The day where everything is celebrated and being in such a team is overwhelming. I remember bad things that happened in the team, … Continue reading I ❤ my Blog


In moments of despair? I may not see the Far-side, If you still hold my hand, walking with you may not be my trait, come to me please and fast so that we can we talk slow, To start a conversation, just with me? Will you be me serendipity? Will you trust me ? I am … Continue reading FarSide


DCT = dream come true (-_-) With closed eyes, he prays. He thinks that once for all, his life is gone. He wont be spared with this charged looking children. He then decided to face them. He thinks dare. He quickly opens his eyes and take his all belongings ! The crowd is still far … Continue reading DCT 8


DCT = dream come true Life is like this, he have to set ourselves. From Door to door, from roads to roads, he started selling balloons. He got punched, he got abusive words, some people even throw him. With every fall, he stood up smile inside and went away. He thought the money which was … Continue reading DCT 7


DCT 5 DCT = Dream come True. With the astounding power of Words, There would be freedom from the slavery, There are lines invisible in haze of poverty, He wants to conquer the Sky, He wants to read and Write, He Holds the book and Cry, Asking the Almighty, Whats His fault ? One day … Continue reading DCT 5


DCT 4 That day with a treasure called book He walked away. He smiled because He had the power of words with him, He was in Joy because he know that even the wizards are afraid of words, and thus a proficiency can help him reach to a place where, He can lead his Life; … Continue reading DCT 4


DCT = Dream come true  Part 3 The sun rose, right from the horizon. The poor face sun directly, where for the rich, sunrays has to make efoorts. Efforts to penetrate the concrete jungle, then glasses of doors and window and finally enters the room where air conditioning is working 24 by 7. This is … Continue reading DCT 3


DCT means Dream Come True. This post is about a person whose dream came true. A smart looking guy, was sitting among high profile clients, his polished desk reflected his richness. A table so crafted to accuracy, a cell with mild tone, his secretary staring at him for the node, He looks back, and with … Continue reading dct

Social media information

This picture depicts the social media, we plan/are already using. I thought can one social media can Even do all in place ? Do you feel having more conversation on social media ? how does it helps ? Have you ever try to distance yourself from such clinging social media ?  Get the answers in … Continue reading Social media information