A30. #NaPoWriMO

A30. Today, Again the sun rises, the challenges redefines, A poet brushes his words, like rising and setting of the Sun, Every Single year, May comes, returning my glory, blooming days, the season and reason to love, Its my heart, who haven't been same, Every single year, it changes, yet the same. Linking to Day … Continue reading A30. #NaPoWriMO



A29. In faded light, you touched my soul, you are my month of May, If I ask you, stop time and STAY. I know you, we can be friends, I can give thousand, reasons to stay, but all have to do, is to make the clock, stop ticking, never will be less, we will enjoy, … Continue reading A29 #NAPOWRIMO


A28. Finding Cure? What we need, Tell me yess, I wanna give, my everything, to explore love, no matter, what you know I'll heal, and Cure ! Let me take care, will be your lullaby, tell me yess, I can give, dont back now, If you say, its all okay, I promise, I'll fix you, … Continue reading A28 #NAPOWRIMO


A27. Some memories evoked by smell, like a game of Achilles hill, leave me on the verge, crossing and fighting with crave, now I dont know how to set me free, we can always my love and taste is not a game, dont play bait, dont throw tricks what if I treat you the same … Continue reading A27 #NAPOWRIMO


A26.   You nerve me, may be i should stop confessing, I have my ambitions, let me take my decision, Dont hold me back, she says she's not afraid, when I talk about relations, she seems little threatened, may be i should stop confessing, Her voice keep shaking, worried of societal reputation, leave me guessing, … Continue reading A26 #NAPOWRIMO


A24. When the peace of gone, we feel so incomplete, But if you hold me tight, every day talk is healing, to find the feeling, a rhapsody of you and me, and if you say we wont repeat, But i want truth, a symphony of love! A tune of reading books, seeing stars and bird … Continue reading A24 #NAPOWRIMO