November 2020

If you are reading this, I bet you’re alive and awesome. Does your heart still beating ? Let’s have a little tete a tete.

It’s been a long time I have written. It’s been a while I have stopped by and thought to write it something.

What happened to me? Why did I stopped writing ? Does blogging no longer rings a bell ? What’s this called, a writer’s block ? Where was I ?

Well, I’m not a writer at first place. I am working on a dream project ! I stopped writing ( big mistake). Being engulfed in a project, and giving 100% is what I have been learning. Current situation, and then suddenly the lockdown, it just piled up the entire workload. The WLB index went marginally, so as a result, the halt came to the writing. First time, second lack of content, third busy finding neat solutions. The new normal ain’t so easy, but I know together we’ll come over it.

How true the blog title is ! My little brittle Universe. My universe which is trying its best, to cope up at several fronts. Slowly things are routing smoothly, but I wish to see more. It simply means I have to give more efforts. This circle continues and I don’t know how to ask help ! Never thought of, never asked for, never experienced such situations.

They say these are life phases, maybe they are right, if believed. But what I see from here, feels like we are responsible for our own self. I see a lot of change around, and change in myself also. But I feel sulking sometimes. I look at old things and try to recollect the occasion. Often some memories are not written, are imprinted on your mind. It brings a plethora of emotions. I write those, I have written letters to all my minions and you know it feels greats.

There’s lot more to witness. New Beginnings, New friends, New year, and new ideas to work. Hope the first of November revives the blog.

Celebrate Life.


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