Hola 2020!

Soon, New Year is starting. It’s a great time to rethink and analyze new goals.

And this is so not about to do, or what to wear or any fancy books people commit reading and write a review on. It’s so not about what brands to follow/promote, or what trend to follow, neither on a building your website tip session or any other secondary things which matter for others, albeit it is a post on self. A new year means new goals, but it also brings a retrospect on our struggles we have been through and time we invested to acquire that certain skill set. I must say, I’ve always enjoyed winter, the cold weather, which took 12 months to come. The year-end with transitions in mind and thrill to set off to a new journey soon. That cringe on things we couldn’t do and satisfaction on stupid things we avoided learning from last year. So I thought to share what would 2020 brings to us. I’ll start with 2019 being a productive year altogether. I have adopted simple to-do lists to focus, be it on the app, calendar app, to a simple way to start my day.

I like to start simple. A simple to-do list can be created using a scrap of paper or your default digital app and will clarify your intentions for 2020. Pouring onto paper all of your wishes, concerns and reflections for the New Year is a great way to get started. There are a few lists you can make *right now* that will help you improve your mindset and get organized. So if you are like me, I guess we should start sharing to-do list to point out things that matter to us first. If one makes it, then we realize what things we really wanna do and we are not able to pace up. Next thing is to clear the clutter. Save your time and clear the clutter. In our daily life, we consume a lot of information and create a mess out of it. Be it thoughts, social media, some random thoughts, clothes, or books. So better to be your administrator and cleanse the clutter. Make some rules that beyond that limit, you may not entertain any new things around it. Draw a conclusive yet open line for your circle. Learn and respect your duties and transitions. Sometimes it helps to slow down, while it can make some interesting thing in your schedule. For me, photography works, sketching works, and poem writing work. You can find your trick and make more interesting things in your schedule. Another thing I have faced is taking things way too serious than needed. Example, My friends and colleague always suggest me of different Net series and books to explore, but I had a hard time to crack its advantage. Now I put it in TBR and sometimes it becomes passe. So go with your flow and say no to FOMO. Reading is good, getting rec. is also good, but let it be. We should read as per our schedule. Lastly, I would like to make a certain decision which requires and waste a lot of time; i.e. purchasing. I am planning to save in advance for the things I may need and clean thought process. I am also planning to reduce the things I carry in daily life. This includes a list of sustainable buying while exchanging the old one. It is self-improvement and I am eager to explore it.

Next on the list is the testing various list of the workflow rather than experiment with social media. In 2019, I had nice time giving up on social media completely. It is hard but possible. In 2020, I think of little finance & budgeting schedule to check the finance flow and understand the audit process. A little late but tighter deadlines, documents, emails, and stuff related to self in an organized fashion. I also have adopted healthy eating habits, timely vaccines, routine medical check-ups, per-appointments of meeting to stay organized. In Year 2020, I will be looking for new connections, while making old ones concrete.

A major event is on its way that I will share with you soon.

Finally, a neat and clean 2020, planned and checked, is now awaited.

Image credit : The Spiritual Compass

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