August 2019 Update

Hello friends, if you are reading this you are alive and awesome. As stated in the July post, I must say that August was breathtaking.
Hope you all are doing well and chasing your dream. Let’s start.
The most awaited thing was the Chandrayaan-2 reaching to the moon. Its India’s second venture to moon, now with more scientific instrument sent via one of the most India’s powerful vehicle. Then comes the postcards, sent and received. Writing a letter has always been an experience. So is the reading. The book reads in last month was also the highest. I wish to read more. Many birthdays, meetings, talks, online and offline, video conf., and learning via practicing. All in all, chaos and still a simple to-do list to rule them all. 🙂 Recently, read about the grave news and feel like what have we done to nature! Prayers for all. Finally, It is very easy to be distracted in an era of internet and accuse social media. I feel they are made to make our life simple, not simpler. 😉 The excuse of being updated, following the trend, while suppressing the fear of missing out is visible when you log into your account. There are several ways to distractions versus the one to focus. August made me write the important part of life and I am glad for it. It is a collaborative effort, significant and meaningful. I wish to improve a few things now; one is rationality and other is meditation. Some simple things, straightforward approach and innovation are required to boost my life. New outlook on a new journey is approaching. As an old proverb says,
“With Peace and Love, everything is possible”.

I wish you peace because love will always find its way!
Have a great time,
Till next time,

Keep smiling.

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