July 2019 #update

Good morning friends!
If you are reading this, you are alive and awesome. This is an update to July 2019. The days have passed so fast. With each day, I feel like I am moving faster towards the conclusion. Unlike June, July has been little patchy and moderate. There were good things and there were worse. Each day was unique. It is the time which reveals the surrounding more. I have been making a list of the things during this. For the first time, my pen and sticky note finished. The month started with the lengthy discussions of the comments and it took the entire month. The game is improving and the reading is steady. The learning of python has reduced from 1 hour/day to 30 mins. The research literature read again tops the reading chart followed by “Stranger the dreamer”! The TBR pile is piling up. I wish to read more books now, but can’t pledge. July brought some good times. There are a lot of meetings and bidding farewell to the people around me. I am happy to share that I will soon dispatch the letters to the respective people. This thing took a while. The day-night will be the same and I wish to re-join waking up at 5 A.M. and continue the fitness regime. I discovered some cool songs for the July and will continue in August playlist too. There’s a lot to do, in a limited time. I have started taking photos, after a gap of years. Maybe its monsoon or some motivation. I look at the pictures and seek nature’s bliss. I have also started sharing a few. The month of July was a literal roller coaster ride. But it has added many things. I am grateful to the people, their constant support. Life is beautiful.

Till next time,
Have a great time ahead.

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