May June Update

Happy July to all.
If you are reading this, You are awesome.

Recently, I have realized that I forgot to post the May update. The May and June have been quite busy. The deadlines were reached, performed, packed and ported. I’ve been trying to understand the martian winds, they are in my analysis, and why take dust with them on Mars. I feel its like dance, starts in the morning, and making us baffle during the Martian night. I mean I analyzed it twice without any conclusion. But I am waiting for the next summer, summer of 2020. The quite frank reason is the availability of the new martian data set and our articles to be online soon. Until that I start loosing people in May, followed by June, but their memories are wrapped safely in the memory box. The contact was fruitful, new collaboration, new friendship are on the verge. Within this period, I learnt R and Python module #2. Lately, last month, I received books from family and letters from online-offline friends. Hoping to read it soon, please pray that I get time. I am also learning a new language fro self. I am also trying to help and reach out to many people.Writing Monday messages to selected people has given me positivity boost. The fitness and diet are sorted, with a fitness regime are on point. I have added a few activities also. I feel more passion for my work. The daily 5/ 5:30 am waking up is real. Practiced it last month and I am now into 5 am club. Sometimes I just go out for a walk, otherwise I listen to podcasts. With all this bundle, and heavy heart, I wish to share that memory and learning is progressive. I have now started to recognize the thoughts that earlier danced in my head, it no longer a crush and I feel like vivid and vibrant image, thanks to classical music. Is it good times, does hard work pays off, does passion for life and love your work, exists for real!! Its pure bliss when you can be mindful and drench in rain. The feeling is unique. So is life.

I have been searching all this life,
you came with a vanity fair,
I’d just words and letters,’
you came with weaving threads,
solved my jumbled fate,
you perceived it neat.
Dreams, feelings grew roots,
you arrived like monsoon…

This was like it… Wish you happy July ! Hakuna matata !

Let me know in the comments , what are your biggest moments of May-June 2019?


2 thoughts on “May June Update

  1. Good that you are feeling good.
    Learning to swim was my biggest moment in May and June. I’m still far-away to say that I have learnt swimming but I’m enjoying it.

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