V #AprilAtoZ

Hello ! V Vessel   This is the story of the vessel.  The bare data barrel where the numbers are packed and treated into analysis. So when we start data analysis, we keep a vessel for test run, then pack it for loop to run serially. That $VAR screams, when the moment of doom arrives, … Continue reading V #AprilAtoZ

U #AprilAtoZ

Hello ! U Unbound This is for the ones who constantly swinging between boundary and yet unbounded. Like a living shadow, unbounded for societal sin, being sour and feeling beyond pressure, Looking at things and wonder, what lies world has served, What did you missed silly,Did you entered enchanted dark, where dreams were lit, changing … Continue reading U #AprilAtoZ

T #AprilAtoZ

Hello ! T Troy   This is a story of troy. Remember that storm,looking for long grass in summer, And tell yourself, that every restless night, back when you thought that everything is going right. But what if we could possibly tell that we'll return from fires of learning and and not being another Troy. … Continue reading T #AprilAtoZ