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A white lie

Why, because speaking lie upfront makes us scare.Even if our lips open to speak the truth, the mind denies in the dawn of being judged. What is the point in watching it all burn but not telling a white lie. So i present you a SWAN today. In rational world, this is often considered as initial guess. When the data runs out and we cannot dig gold anymore, the easy way is to run the code with a diamond. Cause, yes aiming high is the motto of life. ANd then this swan will try to enhance the overall lookup ability while diving through the data. With the high performance and multi core setup, its easy to tread such things. Being a white lie, the swan can fly high, while the goose doing all the conditional analysis for results. When the conditional statements are done with their chores, the data gets a new life. For us, that is what SWAN does. In real world, all your motivational ideology is more or less a SWAN. It’s easy to say than done. When a person hits rock bottom only he can understand, whether the SWAN really exists!

Tell when about the white swan you live with, can you relate?


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