R #AprilAtoZ

Hello !



Roots. The symbolic name for the place upon which you grew. So what about the people without it, do they get stones, and hide themselves to save the trouble. Is it just the belief that another day will come and new things will be achieved, highs and low? Some people lose over it. The hardest thing to lose. But what of the opposite is true. The roots of your identity, the basics, the rule you setup for self and people around you ! The path you chose, the wave you move ahead, and even the hell you’re going through, the roots works for you ! The good thing is that you made it here somehow, passed through the storm and stayed for self. I am glad that you believed and mean what you say, everyday! That is love, that is the root. There are certain examples of it. I may leave it here, but you can go further.

Thanks !

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