Q #AprilAtoZ

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The Queen The monarch-The leader and the head of the affairs. In algorithms, the rational and logic plays the role of the Queen. Rest just obeys the order. The essential part is the implementation of the logic. We often seems to be correct inside our head, but its does not attain its purpose. Thus we often rebuild the logic and improve it till the instruction are clearly conveyed at each level of the process. The things we do in our routine is distinctly connected with this. Deep inside, we all follow certain logic and affirmations to get things done. Be it work, relations, or even self-care. We do obey our own Queen. This leads to series of events in our life. We may get what we want, but are we happy with it? Is the Queen happy with it? Where will we find peace, in order to function like we always want to be. Are we still abide by the same old world and Queen no longer makes you joyous in a sense of fulfillment!

Think about it and let me know your thoughts!


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