P #AprilAtoZ

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And the whole system is on a possibility, I don’t know where to start. But sometimes it skips my heart. Sometimes my heart knows what I wish, and keep silence, but when I achieve it, it just hugs me out of passion. One spark of possibility, and I work on it, sometimes out in the sun while sometimes hiding from people like thief. No one hears my silence or positive grief, I worry about my goals and I do it sweet. I am working on a possibility, it may happen that there wouldn’t be. But the reason I am closed, because I may rise and fall. I don’t wish to show my pain, my worry and fall, but I’ll follow my lead before I leave. So following are the outlines not in particular order to keep doing what you love. Put a schedule and watch yourself. Pay attention. Politely handle the setbacks. Persevere and be prudent in the path.

To all the people working on possibilities… This one is for you!

2 thoughts on “P #AprilAtoZ

  1. Absolutely right, much aligned to my policy too
    “Decide upon first, forget the bottlenecks during decision making. Once decided, solutions will fall in the track. If you treat hurdles first and goals second, you will never reach your target. Focus on the target, not the hurdles as you can Overcome the hurdles, you are strong enough.”

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