O #AprilAtoZ

Hello friends !



Ongoing outsider

It’s a late post. The alarm rang, it was 6:30 and I hit the snooze button. I wake up 5 mins later. Get prepared to and started running the thoughts which I stopped during last night. Any other day is just same. Wake up, get the transport, traffic lights and a short journey with music aka orchestra inside the phone. Skipping albums and tracks to red lights, reading the air quality index and think, “I am not contributing too”. Last week I wished two days to be rainy but it didn’t happen. But I saw at least clouds these days, playing hide and seek with sun. Love and Light is what we all need. Will I make this day good? While on odd day, i think to remain in the bed and get the papers ready for the bay. We need a little push and edge over “Whats going On”? Its been blue and I’ve been crying too. I wish to tell the world I am trying my best. I am little crazy too. I have sent the letters and will write more too. But these breaks (holiday) save me and hit refresh and on other day, another orchestra to sail through the day ! So will we meet the ongoing outsider or its just us ?

Whats your orchestra ? Let me know in the coment box.

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