N #AprilAtoZ

Hello friends !



Not a Number.

In programming world, we deal with NaN frequently. What do we do with it? It’s interesting to know that we just keep an eye on it and let it be there. As most of the high level programing, understands the motive of keeping a NaN, it simply works smoothly. Just like this, in real world, we face many things which are similar to NaN. Think about it and decide your role, do you also keep NaN around you? Or you stumble upon it! The more we worry, more we become confined in self-propelled whirlpool. Loose it up. Things don’t matter, should not take away your peace. For things that matter, we can always work upon and make it better, before it becomes NaN. But like most of the intellect around me, I see making fun of things that are critical and this is how they deal with it. But I think such things should be kept as NaN. Let it be until you completely discard it after making a fuss out of it. Thus an algorithm which preserves NaN, make its use to drive the code ahead and then discard it when time arrives.
This is NaN. Let me know if you have felt this post relevant !


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