J #AprilAtoZ

Hello friends !



Jealous Jelly or Jumping Jackpot

We are all jam of one or the other kind. Ain’t we are packed tightly in our own head-space. Some of us want to think in particular direction, some in other. But I see most of the people are strictly confined with their POV. We have lanes of our thinking and if someone does something differently, we didn’t accept, because our conscience is jammed. We believe what makes sense to us is the only correct way to do it. So called rationale behind logic, sense and even “algorithm” which is jammed. Our reaction is primarily based on this very “algorithm”. We know it. We try to make it so firm and rigid that there’s no room left to loose ends. We then show our maturity by expressing amendments so that a broad variety of people around us accept us and even “recognize” us. That sad. Even if the surface decoration is cool, the “algorithm” you is still the same. The action is repeated from outside, the feel good factor arrives and we leave it there only. The cycles go on, till something alter the very algorithm…
I will keep it till here only….

By the social media experiment, I see and meet lots of people who are jammed. So just will ask all of you, “Whats’s your jam”?



One thought on “J #AprilAtoZ

  1. I like to think I’m pretty open minded. More than one road leads to the same destination after all

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