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Hammering Hailstorm or Harvesting  Hard-work

This is a post on the destruction of false towers we make out of ourselves in order to maintain “a temporary” form. Nearly everyone in life faces this havoc where it seems that everything is gone. Life becomes dull and we often tend to remain in the thoughts what to do, why are we even here? And so I am not an exception here. I too have felt the havoc. I used to look up and ask myself “Am I doing the same mistake twice?”, “Am I prepared?”, “Does everything I need is peace?”, “Does my reaction represents me completely?”, and “Do I believe in myself?” There were thoughts will be on the desk for a long and I used to write them. Not because I want to, but some friend advised me to monitor it. I used to open twitter and bored panda and just watch or read stuffs. I felt like I was stuck. I used to get dreams, and more surprisingly I could remember it. That dreams also I used to pen it down. This went on for few months. I felt like there’s a hammer and hailstorm trying to deconstruct something. I somehow learnt life lessons this way. It was quite unique experience!

So this part of life, is what I call “Havoc”! Have you ever felt similar like this, please share your experience and thoughts on this post.


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