C #AprilAtoZ

Hello friends !



Conch of clarity or chaos of confusion. 🙂

Often we often overlook clarity in our day-to-day life. What is clarity? Why does it matter? And if you have it, how do you express it? The answer lies in your thought process. The basic functionality which creates a structure seeks a simpler approach and then discards the ‘unwanted’! Clarity can be mapped from the people around us. If you notice, what and how people execute/express their thoughts. The clarity can help anyone to understand the rationale of the statement. One of the simpler approach to bring clarity is to accept what aligns your thought process, make iterations and observe how do you feel about it. With a handful sample and observation, one can be at least able to make a remark on their life. Many times, we see people around us juggling many things, my thinking is that they have mastered the art of clarity with utmost precision. But there’s always a debate between

We can learn a lot of things around us !
Do we really need all of this?


What is your opinion on this? Do let me know on the comments.
Thank you for your time.

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