Year in a nutshell.

Good evening friends if you are reading this you are alive and awesome. this is my last post about 2018 and I cannot be more thankful as it was the year like previous years for love, joy, excitement and hard lessons.

Before we start into the subject I would like to introduce myself. My name is Masoom,

and I started my blog in 2015. Blog was initially created to express my daily or weekly updates for a special person then. I never thought that which time my blog aspirations and my own self will change so much that I would shift my focus to something more productive and self satisfying. Nevertheless time changed. I lost many people and had major setback after I completed my masters education.

From completely broken two baby steps I started building up myself maintain a diary for all the emotions I had. On Xmas day I burnt it. I was like wax burning down a candle in a state between melt and little solidified. Things were hard, situation was tough and on 29th Dec, I cried my heart out.

That is the day and today here I am. I see it has a climb. One famous poet has written :

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep…

I decided to go. I decided to rise up.

Similarly the year 2018 decided to rise my work schedule and ethics. There’s a lot of people around who just moved into safe zone by remaining same. I decided to be different. I decided to choose a tough career which demands discipline, curiosity, courage and honesty. A thirst to know the surrounding and love for self too.

Now I have people who are with me for who I am. Those who know me, know how hard it is to be me. Yet, It feels like a chosen one feeling. The friends message me, buzz me, talk for every problems and lastly I have fair amount of people who make sure there’s a talk, walk and even finding a way through every problems. I am blessed to be around people who appreciate my sense of humour and appreciate my photography. The best emotions are those when you are hungry at midnight and recieve yes for Chai maskabun, Including people who message you at 5:30 AM and wake you up. How on earth, this beautiful life can be !! I am grateful for everything I have with me and I get content with little things and joys of life. It is me again. I danced in rain, sing songs while walking on streets and did pursue my zeal for photography.

Year 2018 has been checked and marked as a landmark. From now onwards, I have a look up table where I will remember, oh it happened and I have faced it valiantly. That was my 2018. The sun has rise. The clouds and dark night is passed. And we are hoping to get the best of worlds.

I know that this post is imperfect, so am I. It doesn’t matter to me. 😄 It’s life and life is beautiful. 🌈

With sincere regards, I wish you a healthy and happy new year 2019.



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