Memories’18 edition

Good morning friends if you are reading this you are awesome and alive.

I am writing this from far from my home and I so deeply feel that this is the correct time.

Today I am writing this post for two reasons.

  1. The Question
  2. The situation

The question was asked by a lady on Twitter, on why I started writing my blog again. I really don’t know the reason but I feel that I started writing my blog again because it clicked me that I should write my blog regularly not weekly not daily but at least monthly.

The reason I stop writing my blog was nothing but hectic schedule. Actually, I remain, so tired that I cannot imagine myself doing any other activity apart from my routine which includes 3 hobbies, 4 regular art activities, and sometimes social media. But with less and less time I involve myself in sketching painting and even programming. During this time I have wrote 5 fantasy poems and I am planning to extend my work in the upcoming year. It’s very hard to express yourself in a blog but then I thought it’s fun.

Highlighted this, I have started writing my blog with updates of how my month has went and what my plans are for the upcoming month. Although I have a planner, rooster, and few more commit_ties to handle it but I feel blog is more personal.

The situation which I mentioned in the above list is very unique. How do you deal with a person who has a very sharp memory but is linked with something or the other. this is about me and the memories I am talking about is my past. We all have passed and we can’t deny that. Although we try a million times to come out of it but we always feel we can redo it, just like Dr. strange of Marvel. But alas time cannot be reversed neither it can be fast forward. Science which says that time is a dimension it is impossible to trace back and understand what we could have done. Retrospective analysis can suggest you possible outcomes but it would be just a mental exercise. from last few years my past has been diluted so much that I barely remember all the events except the one which I have wrote in my diaries when I cry and some of them made me awake whole night thinking about some person. It so happened that the locus of my identity shifted a bit which brought me to the attention that I am also important. I have certain oaths, I have commitment and I have my own life which I should steer first. I cannot escape from my responsibilities neither I can just walk away from science. If previous one is wife, the later one is a baby in cradle. It seems that there’s responsibility and they both need my attention. Before 8 months, in March I met someone from my school and thought that nothing has changed but later I regret my thought. Sometimes the outer cover looks more pleasing then the thoughts which append inside. This made me feel that never doubt your gut feeling. instead of going into the nitty-gritty of what went wrong I just feel that it is not the correct time to take a move forward. and sometimes it is good for us to be in our own zone and then claim everything what is ours.

This blog is my gateway to internet with my experience written on it.

You may read blogs and you may not but it is what it is. The dial has been reversed and time is ticking. soon 2018 will be over and a new year will be announced. I don’t know where I will be and what I would be doing but I feel everything will be alright.

Here’s to the ones who cheers me up, to those people who supported me during my weakest time, to all the people who surrounded me with positivity, and specially my parents who always been so supportive that I cannot thank them more.
Cheers to all.

If you have any suggestions kindly comment and share your thoughts.

Love and Light.



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