Birthday 2018

Hello friends,

This post is about my birthday.

It has been long, I have written any updates. It’s my blogversary, and my birthday as well. So, if you are reading this, you are awesome.

Like previous year, this year celebration was of no difference. The rituals were performed along with the royal tea, the path, the oath, the blessings, and the family. The official visit to meet Her Majesty, The Queen was performed. The sweets and treats were exchanged. The quality of life was discussed with her. Later, the day was spent with the organisation working for the special cause. Long cut short, the day well spent.

It has been always a retrospective analysis of my decisions. The story of an earnest man is still untold. For someone like me, who is peculiar in certain aspects, is still an odd. I would like to thanks all my cousins for all the beautiful handmade gifts, their art is invincible. Few friends got me ebooks which I liked the most. I also Met some of the most important people of my work life, and had fun too. The story of my life marks another year.

The year 2018, was not easy. It had swings which led me up and down, happy and sad, weak and strong, emotional and analytical. The spiritual growth of life seemed to be steady now. One thing that made me feel better was the special occasion at home. I am glad that it happened in my presence.

But I have promises to keep,

Miles to go before I sleep.

With this stanzas, I will conclude my post.

Untill next time,

Celebrate Life.


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