May Update 2018

I am plenty.

Good evening friends and dear readers. If you are reading this, you are alive and awesome. This is the update of the May 2018. I had a planned May and it went all controlled. I am aware that I have less time for now on wards and writing is something that will take my most of the time. Reading current literature is another major task. Loss of NIRMA, is another. I re-found my Parker (Betty) Pen. The May has a lot of ups and down, but now it has been stabilized. The Life has reached at an interesting turn and I am waiting for the center stage now.

In may, many good things occurred. The 4-D CODE is running up and fine. I am tweaking it a little bit. 2 new tech gadgets added in the collection. I got my first Automatic Mechanical Watch (A62 caliber). The PC has a carbon fiber update for the durability. Its OS has been upgraded for 18.1 lineup. Won two competitions online and had lots of other accolades. The Instagram followers are now 50 and counting. I have met some of the best people on the Instagram and I treasure them. There are losses like loss NIRMA, and her smile. I lost a gem of person. I don’t even know the reasons. But, I am propelled to work upon me and try to save other ones. I want her well-being and happiness! Improving myself inside-out. I lost 2 inches on waist and 2.5 Kilogram of weight too.

My simple living and high thinking is appreciated much by co and peers. My talk on 1st June went good. I didn’t prepare that awesome, but it was good. I know where to work on now. The feedback I am getting regarding the sci-comm and work is cheerful. I want more efficiency, more steadfast and show my people who I can do it better. I want to learn the most complicated thing in my work and learn the ability to make a kid understand my work. The better works for the best.

This was my May, of 2018.
How was yours ?

Let me know,
Till next time,
Celebrate Life…

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