April 2018

Dear friends, if you are reading this post, you are awesome, alive and kicking. Today I am gonna share you all, how was my month of April 2018, and how I see myself in May. So March ended with quite a hassle (Read here) . The April was very challenging indeed. The posts were to be finalized, daily posts, work life, new assignment, new friends, meeting, financial dealings, thoughts, journal maintaining, application processing, data analysis, health check up, to name a few. The most important event was one with the Princess. All were done with grace. With soul shattering news of little children in our country, I couldn’t believe it could happen. I was dumbstruck and speechless. After all the debates and news, I just could pray for the strength to family who has suffered from this inhumanity. But I strongly feel that the criminal should be punished severely. Justice must prevailed.

Trust me April 2018, a hell lot of wait for May. It was very tiresome. I constantly buzzed up, sometimes I use to get sleepless nights, the worry of people around me, the things that I analyse, what, why, where and how? This things perturbs my sleeps. Once it’s so happened, I woke up in the midnight, with a nightmare. A sudden thought of negative struck me. Another, I was thinking of my March friend and life, I felt it as if we were meeting last time. March ended meeting her and I handed a rose to her. It may or may not meet again, but her smile is now a treasure for me. I am happy. I am already out of my words. Next day I heard about my other friends recovery, who was in ICU for a long time.

I admit that my work takes my 90% time I plan for my people, but they are a lot supportive and don’t mind sometimes even-if I hibernate out of my shyness or awkwardness. In April, I have given lesser time and thus I repent that. But now in May, I am trying to increase the bar. With an aim in sky to fly soon, I am feeling that my life is already twisted. I feel progressive and straightforward in approach will help me in May.

This month has already STP work in progress, our home will be changing a bit too. I have pending books in TBR. I have family meet ups and some day offs. With regular pattern it was difficult to get it done. So now I have a planner writing habit to develop. With Rhea and Roe, this Ryzen(Planner 2K18) will be new addition. My poetry writing is increasing and I am also learning a new language.

This is it. May, May get it. 2K18, please be normal. I have high hopes from you. I am positive to move forward and lead my life. Independence and self search is what I am trying to achieve.

If you have something in your mind, make it happen. Make world a better place.
Make someone smile, talk with your elders, grand parents, spend some time alone and do meditation.
I always pack up my bag and wander outside for Photography on weekends. It traverse me into another world. It gets me right. So catch up a hobby and learn new things.

In the conclusion, I will say, I wish you a very happy month of May.
Till next time,
Live, Love and Share.
Celebrate Life.

The Sun will rise again and we will try again.

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