A #AtoZchallenge



Good morning friends. This is such a great Thursday. I have arrived at office, watching my 30 gigabytes of data been analysed. It took around more than 8 hours. I can't express my joy and to process it further. The analysis is going on the full swing. The music I am listening is one of … Continue reading Smile

The 85’s cafe.

Life, a journey, from sunrise to sunset, from flying to ending up in nest, from roaming freely, to freak about little family, Waiting to make it last, But the all we see, everywhere, people rational mind with reason, they call which sanity, So will you be the, to go crazy with me... Get-on the punk … Continue reading The 85’s cafe.

Theme A-Z April

Dear fellow bloggers, This year is going to be fun with Blogchatter and A to Z April challenge ! Today is A to Z theme reveal. This year my theme is A-Z people, I met on social media. This is my theme and I will try to stick around my theme. Stay around. Till next … Continue reading Theme A-Z April

First quarter

Good morning dear bloggers. If you are reading this, you are awesome. My last post Interview with Binita received a good audience. I am glad that you all liked it. I am happy. So far we are almost near the end of first quarter of 2017. We all have achieved and are working straight to … Continue reading First quarter