Interview with Novemberchild.

Dear readers, today I am glad to meet and feature Novemberchild on my blog.
She’s a multitude of personality,witty, zealous and straight forward blogger.
Hope you like this post. Please share your thoughts!

  1. Can you tell us something about you and your blog to our readers?

Hello everyone. Thank you Masoom for giving me this opportunity to get featured in your blog.  

I been blogging from 2004 and writing since I was 13. I am a published author of 3 books.  From school magazines to local newspapers to national magazines to websites to blogs to famous publications, I have written for all. I am an observer. I don’t forget people, incidents, and experiences. These serve as a background for my ideas. Most of my short stories are inspired by people around me and micro fiction on Twitter – which I write a lot are my own experiences, heartbreak, and achievements. I enjoy speaking, binging on desserts especially ice creams, learning, Karaoke singing (no audience please), shopping, helping people succeed, anything God created and the rains.

My blog –novemberschild ranks 81 ( you can give me an A+ grade in blogging too) in India and as well is listed as one of the Top blogs of India – you can find my name in the list of The Directory of Best Indian Blogs, 7th latest edition, June 2017. My blog has more than 800 posts on different genres. I read & review books.  I enjoy being part of blogging challenges.  I am the go-to person for many bloggers who find themselves on the crossroads of writing and blogging. I am always happy to help. My blog has won numerous blogging contests and awards. I am very glad with my Alexa ranking. The visits, readers and comments I receive daily serves as an inspiration for me to write well and write every day.

2. What are your personality traits that help you in blogging and writing a book?

Patience: Writing is never easy. My patience has eventually garnered me a finished book that I am so proud of.

Attentiveness: I can vividly describe my characters, while allowing my readers to see in detail the scene (including locations) I am describing.

Good listener/observer: I am a good listener and observer of my surroundings during those times when I am not writing. It is during those times I do my research for my next blog post/article/manuscript.

Avid reader: Reading is what sparked my desire to write. Discovering the strengths of other writers helped me a lot in my own writings.

3. How book writing is different from blog writing?

Writing is a form of communication that has been around for thousands of years and while the written word has progressed from ink on parchment to typesetting on paper to inkjet on gloss, the basic form of storytelling has remained the same. And then along came blogging. As a writer, it’s easy to read a blog and wonder, who writes this stuff? Bloggers can’t be real writers, you think, because they tend to churn out short, pithy articles that attempt to solve problems rather than analyze them. Having done both print writing and blogging for the web, I say the conventions of writing and blogging are very different, so if you are a writer who wants to be a blogger, get ready to unlearn much of what you were taught in school. One hallmark of good writing is varying your language in order to keep the reader stimulated. Nothing is more boring than reading the same words over and again and once more. With blogging, you’ll need to exchange your thesaurus for Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO. If you’re the kind of writer who loves nothing more than to stretch a sentence beyond its means, with lots of parenthetical and digressions – as well as jokes and asides. Blogging is all about short sentences and even shorter paragraphs. That’s because people have shorter attentions spans online. Footnotes can be fun and interesting, but they take up a lot of space. In blogging, hyperlinks do the work of footnotes. Links don’t take extra space and no one has read them unless they click on them. When typos turn up in print, there nothing you can to do but kick yourself and place a correction in the next issue. With blogging, you can fix typos immediately and permanently, and only your first readers will be the wiser.

4. Kindly tell us about challenges you faced while writing books?

I did not face many challenges, but I did face them. Competition is rife these days, especially with a medium like the internet available to give everybody equal footing. The need of being perfect. It is normal to struggle with this. It is a part why I am a writer. I don’t want to release anything to the world except it is my best and sometimes, this can be my undoing.

5. Please introduce your book to our readers.

Stories are an inseparable part of our formative years. People who don’t love stories are rare and few. You can read one short story and make one short and intensive step aside. Or you can read a short story collection and dive into unexplored lands for just a bit longer. When you are finally back on tracks, you’ll eagerly reach for the next novel of your favorite author, or the next volume in a book saga you’re reading. So be prepared to take a trip to a world that is far removed from this reality. Once you get engrossed in the stories, you can’t wait to read them all. So read on, pick my book titled ‘Between the pages’ and enjoy.

6. What is the role of social media in popularizing your blog and books?

Social media has changed the way we market. It’s expanded and extended the reach that we can have as an author. I have no excuse for not marketing our book. I reach people who I know will share my interests. And gone are the days when we are dependent on just putting it out there and hoping for the best. Insights and data give us information about who is following us, or who we want to reach, and where to find them. For an author like me, it’s priceless. Content is king here, and as an author you’re likely to have a lot of it. The more content you have, the better your site will rank, and the more you share it, the more people can find you, and link back to it. Social media and content marketing go hand in hand. And it all comes down to re-purposing content that you already have.

7. What is your ideal environment for writing books or your blogs?

My best place to write is in my home on my work desk, behind a closed-door, with music on.  This arrangement is easy and leaves little room for procrastination.  Just go in, shut the door, and start writing.

8. What is the USP of your blog or book?

This 3 word phrase – Unique Selling Proposition makes many authors and bloggers shake in their boots. I was intimidated by identifying my blog USP too, for a while. How? Where? Questions popped up in my mind, backed with strong doubts. Eventually, I figured out that stressing 1 chief benefit of following your blog is the ultimate blog USP. This is the proposition, and unique one at that, which draws readers to your blog or books. Finding my practical, beneficial, USP is only one part of the blogging equation. ‘Being you’ this is my USP. My personality is the lynch pin in making my blog and books pop. I stand out by writing in my voice, being my authentic self and more than anything, allowing my personality to bleed through my blog and brand. This is how I really made my blog and books USP come up, because nobody can mimic me, when I am just being myself.

9. A lot of people think that blogging is an easy way to make money online. Do you have some tips for those people who are Interested in money-making from blog?

Obviously, if you want to become a full-time blogger, then you’ll need to find ways to make money from blogging. I have no fixed amount to mention but yes I do earn decent numbers through my blog in form of types of blogging/writing I do for various brands. Techniques are many and one can pick up of his/her comfort levels of which way works better for them. 

10. Do you follow time management? What for service you use to get things done?

Yes I do follow a strict time management. One of the biggest challenges of being a self-employed writers, editors, and bloggers is how to make the best use of my time. Meeting current deadlines to keep the works coming in, switching from task to task or project to project without getting distracted, creating realistic expectations for how much can be accomplished in an hour, day, week or month and working on multiple projects simultaneously, is a normal part of my life where time management plays a big role.  I use a wide range of strategies to stay productive – Disconnect the phone. Don’t check email. Log off Twitter. If it is must to stay online, close all but one tab on the browser. Set an online timer for 30 minutes and don’t do anything but write. Some writers swear by to-do lists — myself included — and I am hooked on the immense satisfaction that comes with crossing things off the list once they’re finished.

11. What inspired you to write books?

I am inspired when I read beautiful writing. I am inspired by stories of people who give their best to make this world a better place. From Shakespeare to Ruskin Bond –words and writers have inspired me. And I am inspired when I find a quiet space or study people and situations around me and I start to pound out my words on my computer. It is in these moments, I find my voice. My purpose. My meaning. And this is why I am inspired to write and why I encourage others to write. The greatest way to leave a mark on the world is to leave behind a legacy of stories. When you write a book, you are giving yourself and your words the opportunity to last longer than your own life.

12. Where do you see yourself in span of 2 years? (Resolution 2020)

Three more books under my name. More prominence and better recognition with a bunch of loyal readers.


Name your top 5 authors. Dan Brown, Manreet Sodhi Someshwar, Gulzar, Amrita Pritam and Premchand

Top five things you carry with you on any day. My mobile phones, wallet, Tissues, iPad and pen and journal.

Three apps you use in leisure.  Twitter, Pocket and Instapaper.

Favourite genre in writing.  Thrillers and Romantic comedy

Favourite character in any fiction novel. Professor Robert Langdon.

Books that made you cry. Pinjar by Amrita Pritam

Do you fold pages as a bookmark while reading books? No.

E-books on paper backs? Both.

Black or white? White

About Novemberchild:

I am a continuous dreamer and dream-chaser, a friend for life and companion for all conversations and part-time trusted Agony Aunt. A movie buff and bookworm. Happy to be an insatiable painter, author, devoted coffee-drinker, avid thinker and a fashion lover. I am a night owl. My most productive time is in the evening. I am usually funny all the time. Biryani is my first love. Just like my hilarious tweets, I am very witty person in real. I happily accept bouquets and brickbats on my writings.

Followe her on twitter  Romspeaks
and her Blog  :
and do read her new book : Beyween the pages
We wish you all merry Christmas, and a happy new year.
Something cheerful coming your way stay tuned.

Untill next time.

Celebrate Life,



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