Finale ;) #GameOfThrones

Lets Play a game, for a Throne sucking Blood, Game played by 7 or more houses, for contract to kill, grill and squeal lords, Killing, Kidnapped and High strut Oblivion, When we watch, When Calls the Heart, we see it without femininity, Some Walking with the Enemy and saying, Amen to the High Sparrow muddling, … Continue reading Finale πŸ˜‰ #GameOfThrones



Dear friends and followers, This is a post written by the "Speech-To-Text" application, so forbid the typos.Β This post is about my sudden illness last week and my sabbatical that occurred! I had important tasks on the table and suddenly this happened. I wore out. My Last week, was spent without any gadgets. Such a close … Continue reading Sabbatical