One Day !

One Day,
Sun will rise on,
And we will laugh while,
the venom spread deep inside us.

A Land of Smiles
after a dark flight,
So Down for the
Count on humanity,

All I See Is You
Like a Shutter sees,
Red Eagle, Hacker and
The vivid Syndromes
captivating for Centuries

What a Headshot, we’re hit,
creme de la creme Poverty,
by global Inc.
Showoff of Skin, and Trade
Hot shots in Beautiful Boxer
Celibacy of a Splendor,

In a Game of Death,
Our only Bodyguard
is Crazy Little Thing Called Love,
belittle bu us, Yes Love,

features, the extremes of thread
Either Zero Tolerance,
Or The Protector of Blame game !


Tell me in the comment what you think on the poem !

Thanks tomy blogging friend Sheetal for the Cheerup.


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