Book Review #TheThreeFlowers

This is a review of book titled

 The Three Flowers 

This is the second book from the author.

I am glad to read the book and feel delighted to review it.

Ever happened, you are travelling, or simply sitting at home and suddenly you came across that subtle thoughts which you have been seeking for a while. Yes! Then the book does that tickle to you. The Three Flowers is a collection of poems, written in micro-poetry genre, where each verse, each stanza has a precision of a diamond. There are total 26 poems; following English alphabets.  After reading the book thrice, I felt to share the goodwill to you all.  The poems are very well versed. The Poet’s duty according to me is to deliver the platform on which the reader can dance on their own! I am glad to say that the fresh poems are so lively and Romilaa has successfully compiled it. I felt like I am a poet’s paradise. Every poem is deep and it resonates when you open and seek the depth. The words work wonder and I am no great poet, but as a layman, I can confess that Romilaa has taken the micropoetry to the Next level.  My favorite poem from the colllection is “Earth”, its connects with all of us. I really appreciate Romilaa to come up with such a vivid poem collection.

In conclusion I would suggest all my readers, to read the poems and explore the variety of micro-poetry expressed by Romilaa.

Romilaa aka “Novemberchild” is a Blogger and Published She loves Urdu, music of Jagjit Singh, at par History lover watches YouTube, and has a fantastic sense of humour & books. You can check her blog at You can also follow her on Twitter @romspeaks 


6 thoughts on “Book Review #TheThreeFlowers

  1. Very true. I’ve read the book. Its very nice and, as aptly said, resonates with all of us. I’ve reviewed the book on my blog too.

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