how to deal deuces with wild opposite day where gun powers stories of furious love, and bug "nim" for the price of cloning high, high grinding like crocodile skin, when everybody's fine following american dreams east-wick risks, while being the worst witch in alpha form, residing in hollow grace-land slying razorback and here I am … Continue reading #WritingWednesdays


One Day !

One Day, Sun will rise on, And we will laugh while, the venom spread deep inside us. A Land of Smiles after a dark flight, So Down for the Count on humanity, All I See Is You Like a Shutter sees, Red Eagle, Hacker and The vivid Syndromes captivating for Centuries What a Headshot, we're … Continue reading One Day !


  Hello readers, Gentle reminder: If you are reading this, You are alive and awesome! This is a post to outline the July, a gentle reminder to self, what to achieve and what is done yet. The main aim of the month #July is that it has a lot of workload. A mammoth of work. … Continue reading July

Book Review #TheThreeFlowers

This is a review of book titled  The Three Flowers  This is the second book from the author. I am glad to read the book and feel delighted to review it. Ever happened, you are travelling, or simply sitting at home and suddenly you came across that subtle thoughts which you have been seeking for … Continue reading Book Review #TheThreeFlowers