Lord of the Files

Lord of the Files

The formula
to remain in pride
those gone gangs
tusk and wicked blood
marvelous when I leave
predestination of appraisal
like a vigilante on a honeymoon
the legend never-beast
although mostly ghostly
have you been in rat race?
I’ve been blended
barefoot, into the canal
full of monsters,
in a dark continent
the last five years
my life echoes, myself
Seldom, set yourself free
You’re the duke,
but slowly, in the files,
you’re heading on
road of the dead
became a gambler
and a zombie for sleep
I wish a job,
who mummified me  with olives,
carve my name plate and stone me.
Writing in office, like
a tug of between
saints and soldiers of different regime;
And a void to fill.




13 thoughts on “Lord of the Files

  1. Loved the imagery you have painted here… Such brilliant use of metaphors to describe a rat race. That’s how I interpreted it. Loved the line about zombie for sleep… That does describe a lot of overworked professionals. My favorite is the ending line 🙂

  2. The words that you choose both intrigue and charm. Superb poetry. It’s the voice that makes us soar to fill them up, be it love, disappointment or the small scent looking for adventure or fulfillment. No road is too small to trudge, my friend.

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