War and Pieces

War and Pieces

A fine morning,
How does it feels?
like watch world
on an extreme exorcism
soldiers posted at beacon point
breaking bodies,what have we became,
And for the sufferings,
the long excuse, we relive words
play the shadow and torch it,
bouncing back with complete stealth
with a survival knife,
summoning and planning;
but there’s a world,
full of love,
there’s a land of smiles
where we have planted
lies and mines
attack, killer and shredding
and bitten humanity twice,
If this is His grace
This seizure, and cocaine
let me plan a conspiracy
with all those lies,
ever told
buried into the woods
To save my land,
from these intoxicant mortality
of sex addict,
every war crimes!



6 thoughts on “War and Pieces

  1. Ah if only we had the power to save our country and the world. But we can certainly try, I believe if we all do our bit, it will make a difference.

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