The Fault in our Stares

A party legend,
and fault in our stares
living a Sub-life
with below zero dudes,
full of broods,
raised bruise
and hell lot of abuse,
in unloving island
where states of undressed
sparks the mentality
in a school of tease
people made hobbits,
switchers, and parts unknown
where same gender slams others
but fear the walking dead
married at first sick
and all dead ideology inside,
those lovely dickheads
making and faking
for news
raising million dollar Carmichael
making and showing
those animal who are
parching and here we are
mocking them
like we’re from other space
Sitting like a silent witness!




18 thoughts on “The Fault in our Stares

  1. I’m visiting from the #Barathon challenge! I’m not best versed at prose but I envision this taking place at a club. Am I remotely close? πŸ™‚ Cheers!

  2. Very intense stuff as usual Masoom – I find it very difficult to comment as your writing is on another plane altogether! Liked the flow while reading it!! good to see you at the barathon!!

  3. Wow, Massom you are a gifted writer. I am glad we participated in this Blog-a-thon and get to read such interesting work of fellow bloggers. @momtasticworld(Kavita)

  4. I am not very well versed with word play. I had to read it thrice and I am still not sure if I have got it right. This has definitely piqued my curiosity. Will it be possible for you to explain this some time? πŸ™‚ Would love to know.

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