Hello readers,  Gentle reminder: If you are reading this, You are alive and awesome!
In May I had a list of things To-Do !  I am glad that majority of them has been achieved! Now, June has arrived with a new lot too. It so happened that I had a hand injury, which will last a week more. In May, the things were pretty rage, but then with time things settle with more input and struggle. Life is so strange! It gives the power to gather and then demands more power to complete what we have been asking for. I hope everyone had a good May.
June, is different on other hand. June comes with a short trip, to meet my grandmother. I am eager to meet her. The joy is meeting other family members and relatives, for whom, I am just a “DATA ENTRY” operator. I love being with family. Next big thing is the work. I am into the completion of an article which will be done till 8th. Next in the line is a project deadline at the month end. I have been on this problem for long and want some presentable output of it. I have two stories on hand which I am currently working on. Meeting DeeDee is also ongoing. The work flow is now streamlined, but it’s still in the cradle, I have to rock it every-time, I feel its crying(like give up/exit… etc). I have few books to read as suggested by cousins to me. They are the young readers, so I will read
1. Lab gal by Hope Jahren
2. Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom
3. The Inheritance of Loss Kiran Desai
* The Essential Rumi by Jalal al-Din Rumi(Author), while translated by Coleman Barks and John Moyne! His poetry is something I want to learn.

In coding, Python, still continues to be on learning mode, as it will be essential in near times. So enjoying late night learning it!

Lately I have been re-watching the TV-series which is again a leisure activity such as writing Haiku, doodling and some anecdotes of life! I will also write blog too. Maybe less, but will share the story soon.

Life is simile, Life is metaphor too, Life is personification, Life is Pun too.
I would love to hear from you, please share whats your June looks like?

Till next time,

Celebrate Life.
Masoom Jethwa.


7 thoughts on “June

  1. First off, It is a good thing to have plans. My June looks sorta like this.
    I start it off with the beginning of my new website. Completing all the details have just been daunting at times, but with the help of a close friend, are coming along quite nicely.
    Next I have scheduled all the Showcase Sunday’s for my blog, I can’t wait to introduce all these unique blogs to my readers. Its by far my most favorite part of blogging.
    My daughter goes to school year round and starts school in the second week. She loves school, so this is never an argument in our home.
    My fiance’s family have so many birthday’s in June, we have scheduled one party to cover them all, followed by fathers day, which is always a treat since I am “Daddy’s Little Girl.”
    The weekend after that is the combined birthday parties of my two youngest who will be 2 and 3. Underwater theme, so it will put my creativity to the test, but I am up for the challenge.
    Rounding the month out with our 4th of July preparations. All the while I have a full time job, mother of 7, and a full-time blog as an artist!

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