The Mother !

Dear Mother
The Queen, The Crown, The Head of the Family and The Sun.

Today, on the special occasion of #Mothersday,
I would like to express few words for you.

I am thankful to the Almighty to bestow Grace upon us.
O, Mother,
You installed etiquette & ethics in me, taught lessons and gave hard punishment while you taught me traditions, you introduced me to the GOD, you established self-belief and raise me up carefully.Β  In the journey, you bear all of my pain. Your presence, your smile, your blessings, your support everything you did for me and sister is impeccable. It was indeed tough, but you never made us feel,”DAD IS NO MORE HERE”, with us.

You are special, O Mother! You faced the world and stood up for us every time like a mountain, you are the most majestic person I’ve ever met. Today, I bow down to your dedication, your efforts and decision power that has prevailed in Love and Light.

For years to come, I wish you a very Happy Mother’s day!

In the Praise of The Queen, The Crown and the Sun.

On behalf of Family,
Masoom Jethwasurya


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